Polar Bear Research at San Diego Zoo

The USGS conducts research on polar bears and has documented declines in their population. Survival rates and body size. To better understand how sea ice decline in the Arctic affects polar bears, USGS scientists are using accelerometers to gather data about the energy needed for the bears to hunt for food. The scientists use accelerometers […]

PetSolutions: Oven Fresh Bites Natural Baked Parrot Food

Oven Fresh Bites Natural Baked Parrot food, is an all-natural premium diet that is complete and balanced providing essential amino acids vitamins and minerals. Its slow baked with natural human grade ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and it’s made in the USA. It comes in three sizes, a small for budgies, […]

Man Swims & Sleeps With POLAR BEAR – Amazing Story

A Canadian man named Mark Dumas is the only known person in the world that swims and sleeps with an adult polar bear. Why am I not surprised that hes Canadian? Just so you know, not all Canadians are best buds with polar bears. Even though maybe we wish we were. Hello and welcome back […]

The Polar Express – 10 Behind The Scenes Facts

The Polar Express was the first movie ever made entirely with “performance capture” technology. A major reason for this achievement was because the director Robert Zemeckis, who is known for using innovative technology in his movies, asked Tom Hanks to play six different characters in The Polar Express, which are: the Conductor, the Hobo, the […]

Amine Harit | Best of Goals & Assists | Hinrunde 2019/20 | FC Schalke 04

You can win what you want, but even the biggest players in the world have won the Ballon d’Or and then when they don’t play well nobody speaks about their past anymore. So, I have to keep going forward and I hope that I can keep up this level up until the end of the […]

I Live With 5 Tigers And 2 Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

COMM: 68-year-old Remy runs a private rescue centre for big cats in France. COMM: Four years after, Remy decided to make big cats the focus of his life. COMM: So, Remy set about making his property into a place for these animals to live in.

Best dog food for puppies-Top 3 best dog food for puppies in 2020 Buyer Guide

Are you looking for the best dog food for puppies You might be wondering what’s the best dog food for puppies ? The truth is, every dog has specific needs. not all dog foods are equal, so you best dog food for puppies to feed your puppy, containing best ingredients. With a huge range of […]

Faire ses courses au Japon vs France – Quel Repas pour 5€ ?

Hello guys, Welcome to Japania! First of all, I would like to thank all of you for dropping a comment. I have received so much comments from the last video. It took me several hours to answer every single of them!! Butttt I can feel there’s something going on between us. More seriously, as you […]

എഗ്ഗ് അമിനോ ആസിഡ് ഉപയോഗക്രമം – egg amino acid application on vegetable plants

our egg amino acid preparation in the final stage now. you can store this in a cool/dry place. we can use this on vegetable plants in 14 days intervals. 2ml per liter is the dosage, this will encourage flowering in crops. can be apply on eggplants, bitter gourd, ash gourd , snake gourd etc. it’s […]

how to make rangoli powder at home quick & easy (Home made Yellow Colour rangoli) by Latha Channel

White stone powder turmeric powder salt water please subscribe for more new videos and ideas place in sun for 2 to 3 hours yellow rangoli powder is ready to use