Top Medigap Plans for 2020 – Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Hey, everyone! I’m Shayna Lawler. And I’m Kasey Craig. We’re with Elite Insurance Partners on I’ve asked Kasey to join us today to talk about a really hot topic in the Medicare community right now. And that is what the top three Medigap or Medicare supplements will be for the 2020 year? So let’s […]

BSN Amino X

BSN Amino X Hi, my name’s Dale. I’m here representing BSN today on behalf of their good friends Sporty’s Health. I’d like to talk to you today about Amino X. This particular product’s sort of been developed by BSN as a branched-chain amino acids recovery support product. Few different spins on this as well. So, […]

PetSolutions: Nutri-Cal Nutritional Supplement for Dogs

Nutri-Cal is a high-calorie nutritional supplement for puppies and dogs. This tasty gel supplies the extra calories and nutrients for the picky eater or the small puppy that’s not eating well. It can be given directly into the mouth or it can be taken from your finger. You want to give this multiple times throughout […]

പ്രഷർ കുക്കറിൽ റാഗി ചോക്ലേറ്റ് കേക്ക്| Eggless Ragi chocolate cake ( with Subtitle ) |Healthy Bites

Hello am Anju and welcome to Healthy Bites as the name indicates i would like to share some healthy recipes the recipes presented here can be enjoyed by kids, adults including pregnant women am including ingredient that would boost the nutritional value and can helps with controlling diabetics, cholesterol and also aids in a healthy […]

Shannon Miller on Family Nutrition & Juice Plus+

working nutrition into your family is very difficult for all of us for me I love that Juice Plus is so easy it’s easy just to take it every single day for me and my husband we take the capsules for our kids it’s great because they literally run down the stairs wanting their chewables […]

Andrew Coulson, CEO of Novo Nutrition | Inspiration for creating products | Fitness Interview

We are here with the owner of Novo nutrition company. Where do you find inspiration for these products? Because they are unique, they are much different than other products. Yeah well the first inspiration came from, um I wanted to put protein into food. I didn’t want to be a nutrition company And my priority […]

Stop restricting carbohydrates and get healthy

What’s up guys so I come to you with good news. If you’re looking for a diet and you have been looking all over the place, trying to find the solution for you. Most likely you have not been trying out the high carb low fat diet so I would say try it out it’s […]

Universal Supplements Review Hyperbolic Muscle Meal – JD Nutraceuticals

Welcome to another Universal supplements product review guys we’re going to try and keep these reviews less than five minutes long we’re gonna keep them really simple and not too technical and just remember these are our personal opinions about the products we are supplement uses ourselves all the products that we review we have […]

Animal Sidekicks Review | D&D Supplement (DMs Guild)

In this video you get a look inside Animal Sidekicks – the sidekicks supplement we’ve all been waiting for in D&D 5e! Hi 🙂 Bob here, and welcome to Bob World Builder, the D&D channel where we improve our games together! Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday under your subscriptions tab! This is not a […]