Q&A – How far out from my blueberry bushes is the soil acidic?

“I have a row of blueberry bushes that I feed “with an acid fertilizer. “How far out from the bushes will this “make the the soil acidic? I would like to start a vegetable garden next to them.” This is Miss Sheila, Joelton, Tennessee, okay. Actually, a good question. So, how far out, Mr. D., […]

PetSolutions: Oven Fresh Bites Natural Baked Parrot Food

Oven Fresh Bites Natural Baked Parrot food, is an all-natural premium diet that is complete and balanced providing essential amino acids vitamins and minerals. Its slow baked with natural human grade ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and it’s made in the USA. It comes in three sizes, a small for budgies, […]

Testing Your Diet with Pee & Purple Cabbage

The Peach : 10 Healthy Facts – Nutshell School

The Peach: 10 Healthy Facts Sweet, juicy, and good for you, this classic summer fruit is also surprisingly versatile 1. Peach origins: The fuzzy peach is actually a member of the rose family and originated in China. 2. Peaches on the Silk Road: The peach’s scientific name, Prunus persica, is a direct reference to the […]

Food Nutrition :Nutrition, Food Nutrition Pyramid and Healthy Eating | Food Facts Label|Soul-Doctor

Food Nutrition Food Nutrition Pyramid and Healthy Eating Food Nutrition :Nutrition, Food Nutrition Pyramid Facts Label Food Facts Label Food Nutrition

Brand New Organic Freeze-Dried Goji Berry Powder Supplement

New and improved Goji powder. I’m Logan Christopher from Lost Empire Herbs and I’m happy to talk to you about our new and improved Goji powder today. Now, one of the core values here at Lost Empire Herbs is unending quest for quality. Tons and tons of companies talk about quality, right? But what does […]

Shannon Miller on Family Nutrition & Juice Plus+

working nutrition into your family is very difficult for all of us for me I love that Juice Plus is so easy it’s easy just to take it every single day for me and my husband we take the capsules for our kids it’s great because they literally run down the stairs wanting their chewables […]

Best Low-Carb Fruits (and Which to Avoid)

it seems like a simple equation fruit has sugars therefore fruit contains carbs so you might think that all fruit must be avoided on a keto diet luckily for fruit lovers it’s not quite as cut and dry yes many fruits should be avoided on a low-carb diet but some are okay in moderation let’s […]