Comedians’ True Acid Stories from “Tales from the Trip”

– [Joel] Try and imagine the best thing you’ve ever tasted, and then imagine that it is dangerous. And that is pineapple on acid. (funky music) Hi I’m Joel Kim Booster and this is the story of the time I tripped acid and experienced the flavor of danger. Fire Island, if you’re not in the […]

Stand Up Comedy… On Acid!

JOSH HADDOW: Hi. My name’s Josh. I’m about to take some acid. And then I’m going to go to a open comedy mic night and tell us some of my original jokes. [MUSIC PLAYING] JAMIE TAETE: Hi. I’m Jamie Taete, Vice journalist. And I like watching people trip on acid. I especially like watching people […]

Shane Mauss’s DMT Sent Ramin Nazer Into the Multiverse – Tales from the Trip

– Inhale, exhale. Everything starts to whirl, like a Fibonacci sequence. (funky music) Hi, my name is Ramin Nazer, and this is the time I smoked DMT, saw every single timeline in the multiverse, and forgot which one I came from. Back when I lived in Austin, Texas, my friend Shane Mauss from episode whatever […]

How To Do 14 Valentine’s Day Magic Tricks

Watch… Your heart! Watch Cupid’s arrow… Okay check out the coin… Wave over the card… you can turn the 2D image into 3D See my finger inside the water? (heartbeat sound) (gasp) (coughing) (laughing)

Polar Bear Man Returns to the Arctic: VICE Reports (Full-length)

Tathaastu | Episode 1 | An Arre Original Web Series

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I’m very excited to welcome our special guest for this evening. He is the legend of Silicon Valley. He is an investor in Tesla and SpaceX. Can you guess who we have for you tonight? Yes, ladies and gentleman, you’re correct. Please go crazy for Mr. Dev Awasthi! Welcome… Thank […]

Polar Bear Man Returns to the Arctic: VICE Reports (Part 1)

Favorite Character Polar Plunge 2019 | Brooklyn & Bailey Challenge Videos