Comedians’ True Acid Stories from “Tales from the Trip”

– [Joel] Try and imagine the best thing you’ve ever tasted, and then imagine that it is dangerous. And that is pineapple on acid. (funky music) Hi I’m Joel Kim Booster and this is the story of the time I tripped acid and experienced the flavor of danger. Fire Island, if you’re not in the […]


(upbeat techno music) – Hello everyone, I am LoreChirik and today we gonna make. – [Granny] You better make me, grandson! – But I already made you! – [Granny] So make me in a Pennywise costume! – Ah, what? – [Granny] What? I love that movie. – Ah, okay okay. I can do this. – […]

Sitting Still S01 EP06 ‘Janey Takes Acid, pt 2’

Don’t say anything loudly or Dad will hear you. Just whisper. Ok Dad said that you’re leaving and you’re not coming back. What? I don’t want you to leave. (door creaks open and shuts) You’re awake. Owh! Come on! Do you even remember what you did ? Acid? You can’t be part of this family […]

Genetic Inheritance of Human Sexuality

Hi! Welcome to BIO 301. My name is Cynthia Anderson Sanchez, and I will be I will be your instructor for this course. Today we’re going to start by talking a little bit about genetics and what that has to do with your gender. So, first let’s talk a little bit about universal questions that […]

Stand Up Comedy… On Acid!

JOSH HADDOW: Hi. My name’s Josh. I’m about to take some acid. And then I’m going to go to a open comedy mic night and tell us some of my original jokes. [MUSIC PLAYING] JAMIE TAETE: Hi. I’m Jamie Taete, Vice journalist. And I like watching people trip on acid. I especially like watching people […]

Shane Mauss’s DMT Sent Ramin Nazer Into the Multiverse – Tales from the Trip

– Inhale, exhale. Everything starts to whirl, like a Fibonacci sequence. (funky music) Hi, my name is Ramin Nazer, and this is the time I smoked DMT, saw every single timeline in the multiverse, and forgot which one I came from. Back when I lived in Austin, Texas, my friend Shane Mauss from episode whatever […]

Vintage TV Ads: Sani-Flush – 1961

Expert Reacts To Emma Chamberlain Getting Ready | Skin Care, Acne, Bacne | Chris Gibson

okay hey acne accutane if you have this problem or you are a fan of Emma Chamberlain today is your day because as you may or may not know she has been battling acne for a really really long time and if you don’t know who Emma Chamberlain is she is a vlogger on YouTube […]