The Human 2.0 – Genome Imperfection and the Garden of Eden | Giulio Superti-Furga | TEDxLinz

Translator: Behdad Khazaeli Reviewer: Tanya Cushman Look at yourself. Look at each other. You’re imperfect. You know, you’re short. You have flat feet. You have a bulging belly. You may lose your hair. You’re clearly not perfect. And so the question is, Do we want to be perfect? If you were to choose – and […]

Peptides for Anti-Aging | The Amazing Health Benefits of Peptides

dr. Nick Delgado here with dr. Kathleen Gehringer we’re talking about what we call immortal peptides the pursuit of the immortality has been something that all generations have been interested in and what do peptides do how do they stimulate the body how do they help the body to recover recuperate and strengthen and stay […]

Why labs are printing the coronavirus genome

(dramatic music) – In December of last year, doctors in Wuhan, China had a mystery on their hands. People in the region were coming down with an unusual pneumonia. It’s cold and flu season, but these people didn’t have either. Doctors quickly realized it might be something entirely new. – Medical nightmare, the coronavirus outbreak. […]

Foods to AVOID if you have Heartburn | Dr. Jonathan Aviv | The Acid Watcher Cookbook

– If you have heartburn as your primary complaint whether or not you have the throat symptoms, there are six other foods that you need to avoid. Those foods are caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, mint, raw onion and garlic. Coffee and chocolate, caffeine and chocolate are not acidic. However, they have properties, scientific properties that cause […]

What Your Farts Say About Your Health

In science, it’s important to have quantifiable data. How bright is that star? How strong is that force? How smelly is that fart? Hey everyone, Julian here for DNews. I know it seems like a juvenile topic but flatulence is a part of everyone’s lives, and it actually can tell you some interesting things about […]

Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker

Thank you very much. Well, I would like to start with testicles. (Laughter) Men who sleep five hours a night have significantly smaller testicles than those who sleep seven hours or more. (Laughter) In addition, men who routinely sleep just four to five hours a night will have a level of testosterone which is that […]

Methods for detecting ketone levels in diabetes research

The collaborative project with engineering at the University of Sydney, with Associate Professor Xiaoke Yi and her team, focuses on ketones. Ketones are an alternative source of energy fuel used by the body. It’s important for some people to be able to measure them, and particular people with type 1 diabetes. When they become unwell, […]

The Power of Ketones!

(Music) Ketogenic diets have been used therapeutically for the treatment of epilepsy since the 1920s. Today armed with even more scientific evidence, many practitioners have continued using Ketogenic diets as nutritional therapies for obesity, neurological disorders and even some cancers. What got me really excited over the last couple years was using this powerful metabolic […]

How to tell aldehydes from ketones

After the reaction with brady’s reagent has confirmed the presence of a carbonyl group. The next step in the analysis is to decide whether the unknown compound is an aldehyde or a ketone. Aldehydes are readily oxidized to carboxylic acids. Even by very mild oxydens well ketons are resistant to oxidation. Tollens reagent is one […]