Your genetics is NOT your fate | 3 simple tricks

We all know genetics is important and we have this idea that we can’t change it But the truth is we can okay, not our actual genetic code inside ourselves, not yet Anyway, they’re probably making an app for that. You can like change your genes We can’t change our actual genetic code, but we […]

Superfoods-what should we eat?

What should we eat? Superfoods are believed to contain the highest numbers of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. If you go to Google and type in superfoods, you will find several sights, all telling you about the same thing, that eating a natural diet will protect you from several diseases and illnesses. Here are the […]

My Sugar Addiction—I Fell Off the Wagon; I’m Climbing Back.

So I am dialing in from the Alling House here in Orange City Florida we’re down here for the Orlando event this coming Friday we do have a couple of slots left if you’d like to get into the Orlando boot camp it’s too late to get labs you can get them after the fact […]

9 Healthy Foods That May Boost Your Mood..! For Healthy Life

when you’re feeling down, it can be tempting to turn to food to lift your spirits however the sugary high-calorie treats that many people resort to have negative consequences of their own thus you may wonder whether any healthy foods can improve your mood recently research on the relationship between nutrition and mental health has […]

TOP 5 Most Common Low Carb Mistakes

Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome to the Hi Fitness Bye Weakness channel! Today I’m gonna show you 5 Most Common Low-Carb Mistakes. So stay tuned guys because in a moment, you will receive a quick dose of incredibly useful knowledge. While low-carb diets are very popular, itís also easy to make mistakes on them. […]

12 Common Food Additives – Should You Avoid Them?

Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome to the Hi Fitness Bye Weakness channel! Today I’m gonna show you 12 Common Food Additives and whether you should avoid them. So stay tuned guys because in a moment, you will receive a quick dose of really powerful knowledge. Take a look at the ingredients label of just […]

15 Superfoods to Maximize Your Health | TotalTransformation

15 Superfoods to Maximize Your Health Most people know that the key to good health is eating a healthy diet. A diet loaded with organic vegetables and alkaline foods produce maximum health while a diet of junk food will result in your body being acidic. However, most people have no idea that there are certain […]

Acid Vs Alkaline Diet | Acidic Vs Alkaline Foods Healthy Food – Acid Alkaline Diet Foods * Alkaline

Acid Vs Alkaline Diet Our body’s internal system needs a PH of just above 7.0; our immunologic, enzymatic and repair mechanisms all function at their best in this alkaline range. If our body becomes over acidic, i.e. under a PH of 7, you may start to experience a combination of these symptoms; Low energy, fatigue […]

How bitter melon affects your mental health

Hi everyone! And Welcome or welcome back to our Channel! Have you ever thought that eating out can affect your mental health? The lack of vitamins and minerals affect the level of concentration, anxiety but also part of the other functions of our brain. Besides the fact that our body is subjected daily to various […]

Essential Nutrients the Foundation of Health Dr Forester

Hi, my name is Dr. Shavawn Forester, I’m a dietitian and a nutrition expert. You may have heard that you are what you eat, but more accurately, your body depends on the nutrients you take in. The right ones, the right amounts, and in the right balance. In this talk, we’re going to go over […]