Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms || Vegan Nutrition Q&A

Hey guys this is Heather from Today were going to talk about B12 deficiency, which is topic that come us all the time in vegan and vegetarian nutrition. So the deal is that vegan and vegetarians can be really healthy, but they aren’t necessarily healthy. One of the things that often get in the […]

What Physique Champions Eat for Breakfast | Brandon Hendrickson’s Pre-Olympia 1st Meal

my mindset my vision is like so far I before I got on the Arnold stage I saw myself in that first call-out like I saw myself in the Olympia stage before I got there because I having that vision so when your vision is like so much bigger and brighter the work you need […]

How To Meal Prep | Protein Rich for Weight Loss + Muscle Gain | What I Eat in a Day

– Hey beautiful, welcome back to my channel for another fitness Friday video. For today I’m gonna be sharing a meal prepping video with you guys that is quite old. So this footage I had actually filmed a long time ago before I actually became vegan but at that time I was going to the […]

How to eat an Avocado: Nutrition Benefits, Tips & Preparation

Hi everyone! Today we are going to be learning how to work with the famous avocado fruit, or some people call it the alligator pear. The avocado is highly, highly nutritious and something that you want to include as part of your daily diet for optimal health. Now some people do sort of fear that […]

Vitamin B12 Supplements – What Type And How Much To Take

Heather: Hey guys, this is Heather from So, today I want to talk about Vitamin B12 supplements. I have talked about vitamin B12 in general before and how unfortunately it is one nutrient that vegans & vegetarians definitely need to supplement. Also people with digestive issues that arenÕt quiet optimal digestion, they need the […]

Diet & Nutrition : About Depression, Whey Protein & Bananas

Hi, my name is Charlotte Skiles. I’m a nutrition consultant and a clinical herbalist and founder of Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting. And today, I’m going to talk to you about depression, whey protein, and bananas. They’re seemingly unrelated, but there is actually a thought process behind these. So the idea here is that whey […]

20 Reasons To Eat Healthy – Importance of Healthy Eating

Here’s twenty reasons to eat healthier immediately. It’s not about knowing about it, it’s the reason for doing it. Check this out. Everybody knows that they should eat healthier but sometimes you need a reason to do that or reason to take action. This is Dr. Jason West and we’re going to go over the […]

Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Builds Muscle For Strength and Endurance

The #1 question I think that most vegetarians get asked is “Where do you get your protein? How can you possibly survive without meat?” And if you’re a vegan, which means no dairy or eggs, the idea of living without milk, ice cream, butter and especially cheese—that just boggles most people’s minds. The biggest misconception […]

High-Protein Vegetarian Foods | HealthiNation

Looking to get beefed up – without the meat? There’s a wide variety of foods you can incorporate into your diet to supplement your workout routine. Eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein stocked with all nine of the essential amino acids the body needs. They also have a more available form of vitamin […]

Protein and Bone Health

Harvard’s School of Public Health explains very nicely the mechanism by which protein can cause problems for bone health. It says, “as your body digests protein, it releases acids into the bloodstream, which the body neutralizes by drawing calcium from the bones. Following a high-protein diet for a few weeks probably won’t have much effect […]