What really Happens when you Drink Water with Meal? Should you Drink Water with Meals? | Da Veganry

Water prevents dry mouth after workout. Lily drinks water a lot because it promotes good blood circulation. It helps her to have a good bowel movement. And most importantly, it maintains her young supple skin. And it never fails her for years! She eats fruits and vegetables everyday, She loves to eat salad. She also […]

Dr. Nick’s Reply To ” Can You Get Enough Protein on a Vegan Diet? | Game Changers Debate “

so now that we’ve made it clear that complex carbohydrates are good for you fresh fruit and vegetables can we basically, get enough protein on a vegan a diet that’s the real big burning the question that I love to answer and I think it’s best answered by this the incredible debate as you can […]

3 WAYS TO MAKE COFFEE HEALTHIER | less acidic coffee | Cold Brew

there are stories in the news every year about how coffee is good for your heart or good for your digestive system I think it’s like anything else you can drink too much coffee and it won’t be good for you you can have you know too much of any good thing is gonna be […]

13 Habits That Probably Spoil Your Life

I’m guessing that nobody will argue that people tend to divide all habits into good and bad. But what if I tell you that some so-called “good” habits aren’t as useful as people like to think? And that drinking too much water can lead to poisoning, and brushing your teeth can damage them? In fact, […]

Vitamin D – Benefits, Foods & Supplements – Christina Tsiripidou

Imagine that you’re somewhere really really warm. Let’s say Greece. Summer in Greece. You’re by the beach, wearing your bikini, drinking your cocktail. You’re listening to the waves of the sea and feeling the warmth of the sun in your face. Well I am not there but today we are going to talk about vitamin […]

10 INSANE Protein Powder Benefits!

Hey guys, Paul from Ultimate Fat Burner.com here and today I’m going to hit you up with 8 benefits of protein powder – most of which I am betting you have never heard of before. I’ll be right back at you in just a moment, stick around… don’t you dare go anywhere! Alright I’m back. […]

Introduction to the Fundamentals of Ideal Protein

In 2013 the American Medical Association officially labeled obesity as a disease. According to the National Institute of Health nearly 70% of Americans 20 years of age and older, are either overweight or obese. In a study called Findings and policy implications for improving the health of US children, almost one-third of American children, nearly […]

Wonder Core MAX Exercise System with Workout DVD & Nutrition Guide | HSN

How to Read Nutrition Labels | The Truth + Tips!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel! So today going to teach you how to read the Nutrition Facts label. I feel like a lot of times people don’t know what they’re looking for in the label and they just don’t know what to avoid and a lot of people still ask me a lot […]