MINCED CHICKEN PURPLE CABBAGE CURRY Purple Cabbage=6 gms Carb, Onion has 10 Gms of Carb and other ingredients has very low Carb Take a Pan and add Oil Add Onion, Green Chillies and saute Add Ginger Garlic paste and mix Now Add Purple Cabbage, Turmeric powder, Chilli powder, Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, and mix well […]

Vanilla Protein Latte | Lais Deleon’s Sweet Protein Treats

Hello everyone, I’m Lais DeLeon, NLA for Her Athlete and today I’m going to show you how to make my vanilla protein latte. Today’s recipe is very quick. First, we’re going to start by adding coffee a non-dairy milk and our NLA for Her vanilla cupcake protein powder into our blender. Next, we’re just going […]

Keto 101– What is Keto? Low Carb, Ketogenic Diet & Ketosis For Beginners – Mind Over Munch

Wait! I said you’re the GOOD kind of fat! Hey munchies! Welcome to the channel, I’m Alyssia, and today I’m going to cover a topic I have had a LOT of requests for: keto, or a ketogenic diet. And this is going to be an educational, objective, introductory video explaining what a ketogenic diet is, […]

How To Meal Prep | Protein Rich for Weight Loss + Muscle Gain | What I Eat in a Day

– Hey beautiful, welcome back to my channel for another fitness Friday video. For today I’m gonna be sharing a meal prepping video with you guys that is quite old. So this footage I had actually filmed a long time ago before I actually became vegan but at that time I was going to the […]

5 LOW SUGAR SMOOTHIES | healthy smoothies to power your day

– Now that we’re in the thick of summer, I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for smoothie recipes but particularly for low sugar smoothies. As you might imagine, many smoothies are loaded with natural sugars from the fruits contained in the smoothie. Now, to be clear I am not against natural sugars from fruits […]

7 High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

Половина средней луковицы. 1 чайная ложка оливкого масла Половина среднего размера цуккини 2 белых гриба соль и перец 5 помидорок Чери. 3 яичных белка и 1 целое яйцо Соль и черный перец 1/2 ст.ложки сыр Фета ОМЛЕТ С ЛУКОМ И ЦУККИНИ. Половина среднего размера луковицы 1 чайная ложка оливкого масла Половина среднего размера красного сладкого […]


Green Gram Paniyaram with Leftover Green gram Idli Batter Green Chillies, Coriander Leaves, Ginger, 1/2 Onion, Spring Onion, Chopped Carrot, Purple Cabbage, Red Bell Pepper Carro, Purple cabbage and Bell pepper, Spring Onion, Onion=10-12 Gms of Carb Green gram has carb lesser than other Dals Add all the ingredients to the batter and mix well. […]

Healthy Recipes: Refreshing Protein Packed Fruit Smoothie

What’s up, kids? Kris Gethin in the kitchen again, the place that I hate to be but anyway, it’s gotta be done. We gotta fuel this workouts. So what I’m gonna do now, again, something quick and easy ’cause that’s what I’m all about, easy. I’m gonna put together a shake. I’ve got like a […]

Protein Blueberry Muffins | Lais Deleon’s Sweet No-Bake Protein Treats

Hello everyone, I’m Lais Deleon, NLA For Her Athlete and today I’m going to show you how to make my protein blueberry muffins. To get started, in a large mixing bowl you’re going to add your liquid egg whites almond extract (or if you prefer, you can use vanilla extract) and your fat-free blueberry Greek […]

HEALTHY COMFORT FOOD! Easy & Yummy! Cooking With Liv Ep 17

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new video. In today’s video, I am making some healthy comfort food recipes. It has been so cold here in Toronto. We’ve had like a two-day now like snow storm. There’s blowing snow. It’s just really cold. It’s minus 17 […]