Vitamin D Milk

Can I help you? Coffee There ain’t no coffee here in Nilhog. It’s the devil’s drink! Eggs EEGH and bacon Are you crazy, boy? EEGH POOEEGH (????) Didn’t ya know dat? Here’s some (milk on milk?) Special milk High in Vitamin EEEGH Here, it’s free Free? Of course it’s free We love tourists here and […]

Casually Explained: Being Healthy

Well, it’s pretty common knowledge that certain foods are healthy, and others aren’t so much, it’s pretty rare that you ever get an explanation as to why. And one thing that bothers me quite a bit is when someone says to eat something because: “It’s good for you!” or “It’s a superfood!” And almost universally, […]

Someone SPRAY PAINTED My Audi R8! *Caught On Camera*

this is what my car looks like what up everybody how you guys doing today as you can see in the background there were so many cars here we were back at homies place he’s like 30 cars this is ridiculous every time I come here I just like can’t get over how insane this […]