Ask the Vet – Corn oil, wolf teeth, joint supplements, and more! – February 2018

SARAH: Hey, SmartPak fans. After a couple months hiatus, we are back with another Ask the Vet video. I’m SmartPaker Sarah, and Dr. Lydia Gray is our Staff Veterinarian and Medical Director here at SmartPak. And we are, once again, excited to be back answering all of your awesome questions– so excited, in fact, that […]

Ask the Vet – HYPP, supplements for all horses, magnesium for horses, and more! – May 2018

SARAH: Hey, SmartPak fans. Welcome back to SmartPak’s Ask the Vet video series. I’m SmartPaker Sarah, and she is Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s Staff Veterinarian and Medical Director. And we are both here to ask and answer your questions that were submitted by you and then voted on by you guys, as well. And if […]

DuraPlex® bone health supplement from Kentucky Equine Research

SPEAKER: When horses come in from pasture to a stable environment such as when young horses enter training or sport horses recovering from injury their bones will naturally de-mineralize without the exercise they’re accustomed to. This de-mineralization can put horses at risk for greater injury. Duraplex provides the proteins, vitamins, and minerals necessary for strong […]

Restore® SR electrolyte supplement from Kentucky Equine Research

As horses sweat they lose electrolytes which are important to help the body regulate water levels in and around cells. Horses with insufficient electrolytes can become dehydrated, which impairs performance and inhibits a horse’s natural cooling mechanisms. Restore SR is a slow release, sugar-free electrolyte from Kentucky Equine Research that is formulated to exactly match […]

SmartHoof and SmartHoof Ultra Equine Supplements from SmartPak

Healthy hooves are the foundation to your horse’s overall soundness and wellness. After all, as the saying goes, “No hoof, no horse.” That’s why we offer two smart approaches to support strong hooves! SmartHoof Pellets are a tasty, easy to feed formula that contain vital ingredients for durable, resilient hooves. With 25 mg of biotin […]

Ask the Vet – Sweet itch, hoof supplements, deworming foals & more! – May 2019

DAN: Hey, SmartPak fans. I’m a SmartPaker Dan. She is Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak Staff Veterinarian and Medical Director. And we are doing our very first taping of Ask the Vet in front of a live audience. So we are here at TNT Equine to answer five questions asked by horse owners, just like these […]

Nano-E® Vitamin E supplement from Kentucky Equine Research

SPEAKER: Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that promotes health of muscle and nerve cells. When healthy horses have full access to fresh green pasture they’re getting plenty of vitamin E. But many horses today are managed without access to lush pasture. Since Vitamin E depletes quickly once grass is cut to make hay, these […]

Ask the Vet – Bone supplements for a horse with navicular

SARAH: “I was wondering what you thought about using bone health supplements on a horse with navicular. Horse in question was first X-rayed in 2011. Since then has had a regular Osphos and has stayed sound for normal work. Would a bone supplement help keep the horse sound as she gets older? Will one even […]

Ask the Vet – What supplements should every horse have?

SARAH: “What supplements should every horse have?” What a question. DR LYDIA GRAY: I did not write this and you did not write this, right? SARAH: I did not write this. DR LYDIA GRAY: And I’m sure this is the same place you went to, but when I get asked that– I get asked that […]