[Music] Yo, What is going on guys. Thank you so much for checking out the new video if you haven’t done so yet please that put subscribe button down below enjoy the next video. Yo thank you guys for tuning in to the new video so today we’re starting a new youtube series on supplements […]

Can TOO MUCH Protein Make You FAT?

Can eating too much protein actually be a bad thing? Some of you might already know how much I love preaching protein, both in my videos and all across social media. Side note, you should totally follow me on Instagram for more protein goodness at picturefit. Normally, I prescribe that, for healthy individuals, 1.6 grams […]

Is Fasting for Weight Loss Safe?

[Music] although fasting for a week or two can actually interfere with the loss of body fat eventually after the third week of fasting fat loss starts to overtake the loss of lean body mass in obese individuals but is it safe to go that long without food proponents speak of fasting as a cleansing […]

Want To Burn Fat? Try This Keto Supplement

Today I want to teach you a new word: thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the creation of heat. Heat is made when the food that we eat is metabolized in our bodies. So increasing thermogenesis can actually impact our body’s ability to lose weight. Studies have found that those who exercise and follows a healthy diet can […]

Beta Alanine Explained in 60 Seconds – Better Than Your Typical Supplement?

Is beta-alanine just another thing that supplement companies are trying to jam down your throats? Or are there actual benefits? Beta-alanine is an amino acid, and alongside histidine, are the two substrates that makes up the peptide carnosine. During exercise, carnosine acts as a hydrogen ion buffering agent. Since hydrogen ions are released during physical […]

The Top 7 Fittest Foods Add To Your Diet

everyone this is dr. Nick Delgado I want to share with you the top seven fittest foods and you’ll be amazed at how important these foods can dramatically improve your health you know there’s a concept that not only do you want to kind of everyone to our way you to the fans that are […]

5 Workout & Nutrition Mistakes Sabotaging Your GAINS! (SLOW OR ZERO GROWTH!)

By far the most frequent comment I get is how do I stay motivated to workout? And I gotta be honest guys the answer is usually always the same results are my only motivator and it should be yours, too. Well wearing all my Saiyan gear kind of helps as well not gonna lie makes […]

Why I Only Take These 3 SUPPLEMENTS?

Whey Protein Concentrate vs Isolate | Which Protein Shake is Best?

The preaching of protein, that’s pretty much what PictureFit has been all about for a few years now. And no doubt you’ll always have me touting protein’s importance for virtually all types of fitness goals. If you wanna get stronger, build muscle, or even burn fat, having more protein is almost always a good idea. […]