The Iodine Clock Reaction at Home (Vitamin C Variation)

Today I’ve decided to explore an iodine clock reaction that can be done at home with household materials The general gist of this reaction is that two colorless solutions are mixed and then after a certain period of time a sudden color change occurs There’s a lot of different variations and recipes for the iodine […]

How to Grow the Best Green SuperFood that has more Protein than Beef Indoors

Alright this is John Kohler from through another exciting episode and for this episode I’m not even actually outside in my garden, I’m actually gonna start growing inside my house and to do that I’ve got a headed in fish tank and no, I’m not gonna be growing some fish, right, well you can’t […]

Nutrition North Canada – Nutrition Education Program

The smell of a home cooked meal wafts through the air of this bustling room filled with new mothers trying out a new recipe. At the same time they’re learning more about how to incorporate nutritious foods into their family’s daily diet. Jennifer Wakegijig is a nutritionist and has been living and working in the […]

7 Tips How to Feel Great, Improve your Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness

>>CORRINA: Hi there, and thank you for tuning in to Simple Science. My name is Corrina and today I’m going to give you seven simple recommendations, things that you can apply in your everyday life that should hopefully not be too difficult or too demanding. The idea is that these are simple recommendations that should […]


Hey, guys! Welcome to my channel! Today, I’ll be reviewing a new product A lot of people use Vitamin C Serum these days But what are the effects of Vitamin C Serum to the skin, And is it really effective on people with acne-prone skin? I discovered a new product that I want to share […]

Making Stinky Pyridine from Vitamin B3

Today we’re gonna be making some pyridine which is a useful catalyst and solvent and it’s also a precursor to a lot of different pharmaceuticals. I am interested in using pyridine for different chemical applications but as many of you might know I really do like making stinky things and pyridine is well known for […]


Yes guys, how we doing and welcome back To another YouTube video So if you’re new to my channel My name is Nathan Collins

13 Anti-Aging Supplements To Turn Back The Clock

– [Narrator] 13 Anti-aging supplements to turn back the clock. Supplements give your brain and body an extra edge. These 13 anti-aging supplements will help you turn back the clock and keep your brain going strong. One – Nicotinamide Riboside – protects brain from toxins and stress; increases the ratio of NAD+ and NADH; NAD+ […]

How to Treat Restless Legs Syndrome : Vitamin Treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome

Hello my name is Dr Susan Jewell and on behalf of Expert Village today I’m going to talk to you about how to recognize and treat restless leg syndrome. Now in this clip we’re going to talk about vitamins. Studies have shown that although there are no real known causes of this particular syndrome some […]