GCN’s Guide To Cycling Nutrition | GCN’s Cycling Tips

– We all know that getting your nutrition and fueling spot on is essential if you want to perform at your best on your bike. But, it becomes even more important if you are doing a multi-stage event, such as those organised by the Haute Route. One of which you all very well know is […]

Activities of Daily Living: Hydration and Nutrition – Promo

– I’ve been working with Ivan since his wife passed away about a year ago. – [Ivan] I used to do my own shopping, but lately I just don’t feel up to it at all. – I’ve been a little bit concerned about your weight and nutrition lately. – Well, I just don’t seem to […]

How To Fuel For Cycling | Bike Ride Nutrition Explained

– Nutrition and training go together however if you have one without the other, you’re not going to get the desire effects and ultimately, you’re not going to get fitter, stronger, and faster. After all, we are all aspiring to be better and more well-rounded cyclists. (playful electronic music) Right, let’s start off with a […]


Chapter 4* Sup, I’m ELSO and this is how I testosterOWN my day. HMMMMM GAINS GAAAAINZ I’m so jacked on supps, I can grow a beard with my mind!!! All you need is protein and pre-workout because GAINS!!!!!!!!! GAINZ Gaaaaaaiiiins!!!! Gaaiiiieeerrhhhgg Elso is totally right, protein and pre-workout are great for maximizing effectiveness in the […]

Triathlon Hacks Used By Professional Triathletes | Racing, Nutrition & Travel Tips

– Over the years of racing I learned a bunch of useful tips and tricks from fellow friends who are in the sport. But what is it about those professional athletes? What do they do in their daily training routines and race preparations that sets them aside? Well today, I’m gonna share with you some […]

How To Fuel Like A Pro – On-Bike Cycling Nutrition

The fact that you need to fuel your body on the bike is obvious, but what isn’t is exactly what with, how often and how much. Before we even get started on the fuelling side of things, there’s a couple of things I always take out with me in my pockets. The first of those […]

What Happens When You Eat One Mango a Day

Have you ever heard of the King of Fruits? (Well, ha ha, that’s actually another nickname I have, along with Prince of Popcorn and the Duke of Desserts. Hey, enough about me.) If you’ve ever enjoyed some mango on a hot summer day, then you’re already acquainted! So, what earned mango the King of Fruits […]