What Physique Champions Eat for Breakfast | Brandon Hendrickson’s Pre-Olympia 1st Meal

my mindset my vision is like so far I before I got on the Arnold stage I saw myself in that first call-out like I saw myself in the Olympia stage before I got there because I having that vision so when your vision is like so much bigger and brighter the work you need […]

6 Bodybuilding Nutrition Myths Debunked!

Hey Guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of SeanNal.com and BodyTransformationTruth.com and in this video lesson I want to outline 6 common bodybuilding nutrition myths that you should definitely be aware of. Now balancing your fitness program with your career and your friends, and your family and all of your other hobbies and pursuits is hard enough […]

Macros: Explained! Mind Over Munch Kickstart 2016

What are macros? When you are new to the journey and are trying to immerse yourself it can be pretty intimidating as it is. You’re doing your research, you’re watching videos it is so much information to take in and process and then you hear people blabbing about macros like it’s a common word. Macros, […]

Be Very Careful When Comparing Your Physique To Others

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here, BodyTransformationTruth.com, I wanted to address what I think is a pretty important topic today, I have seen other fitness channels discuss it so I just wanted to give you my thoughts, and that is to be cautious and to be aware of what’s actually going on when you try to […]


Fasted Cardio, a simple way to burn more fat with less effort and in less time right? Sounds too good to be true Well We’ll just have to see about that won’t we? First of all let’s examine the word fast in case you didn’t know to fast means to not eat for a period […]