What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast | Chris Bumstead’s Favorite Meal 1

what’s up muscle & strength Chris bumstead here today I’m gonna be taking you guys through my typical breakfast at least a breakfast I eat when I’m actually at home so my favorite thing to eat while I’m not traveling on the road and have my kitchen at hand is protein pancakes so I’ll show […]

What Physique Pros Eat for Breakfast | Steven Cao’s High Protein Egg Scramble

hey what’s up muscle and strength IFBB Pro Steven Cao here from BPI today I’ll be showing you guys what I used for my pre contest breakfast so I’m sure you guys well be cooking today when I’m prepping for a show I try to keep things very you know creative that way I don’t […]

3 Steps to Become a Nutrition Coach (WAG Q&A Ep. 35)

[Adee] Whenever you do any type of amazing change in your life whether it’s nutrition or fitness One of the things you always want to do is give back to other people this week’s episode we’re talking about pursuing coaching options in fitness and nutrition [Michael] When I first met Adee I was really resistant […]

Brooke Ence’s Nutrition Strategies

[Adee] I’ve worked with many elite athletes including CrossFit Games champions Olympians and NFL players I’ve seen some of the most amazing bodies on the planet but Brooke Ence definitely stands out amongst the group So like Drake says in his song ‘Only’ “She’s got a body so thick she makes everyone in the room […]

Benefits of Having a Personal Nutrition Coach (WAG Q&A Ep. 32)

Today I’m answering some common questions about Working Against Gravity and what makes us different At Working Against Gravity we don’t use any meal plans we don’t do this for a couple of reasons one meal pans are often really hard to stick to long term and what we’re about is creating sustainable behavior change […]

How to Hit Your Daily Protein Target (Q&A 40)

[Adee] Today we are talking all about what I like to call the king of all the macros and that’s protein companies love to promote that their food is high in protein so you might be eating a bunch of snacks here and there that have more protein powder added than you think might not […]

Day 6 – Rest/Nutrition

– Hey, what’s up? Day six and today is no training day. So you deserve your rest, because you’ve been training five days already. Now I want to take this opportunity to talk about something that I haven’t talked about in most of my videos, and that is nutrition. You see why I haven’t talk […]

Cole Sager: Nutrition, Mindset and Fitness

[Adee] Cole Sager has been one of the top athletes in CrossFit for the past five years What does an athlete need to do to maintain that level of performance for so long? One thing that Cole does better than anybody I know is bringing his mindset to the table the best thing that you […]

What Physique Champions Eat for Breakfast | Brandon Hendrickson’s Pre-Olympia 1st Meal

my mindset my vision is like so far I before I got on the Arnold stage I saw myself in that first call-out like I saw myself in the Olympia stage before I got there because I having that vision so when your vision is like so much bigger and brighter the work you need […]

6 Bodybuilding Nutrition Myths Debunked!

Hey Guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of SeanNal.com and BodyTransformationTruth.com and in this video lesson I want to outline 6 common bodybuilding nutrition myths that you should definitely be aware of. Now balancing your fitness program with your career and your friends, and your family and all of your other hobbies and pursuits is hard enough […]