How to Increase Metabolism : Carbohydrate Options to Boost Metabolism

Carbohydrates that are needed for our metabolism comes from all of or part of each group off a food pyramid. Here is the MyPramid that is created by the USDA. About ever 5-7 years as you can see here, there are different food groups. Carbohydrates comes from grains and there are all different kinds of […]

How to Increase Metabolism : Metabolic Effects of a Low Carbohydrate Diet

What happens to our metabolism without proper amounts and also appropriate kinds of carbohydrates? What happens to our bodies without that? I like to think of it as an example of how gas, on how a car runs on gas. So if you give your car a premium gas then it tends to run much […]

How to Increase Metabolism : How Vitamins Boost Metabolism

As we talked about earlier energy metabolism is provided by protein carbohydrates and fats. However that other nutrient some of the vitamins, minerals are more supporting nutrients and work with the protein, carbohydrates and fats when energy is created. These were the supporting vitamins that we discussed earlier and the majority of these are found […]

I Thought We Required Animal Protein…

I’m Mic, and today I want to talk a little bit about what kept me eating animal products for longer than I would have liked to, and that was my belief that we required animal protein to survive or be healthy or get buff or something. So we’re going to take a journey through cultural […]

Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer Increases Yields and Will Not Burn Plants

John: This is John Kohler with Today, I have another exciting episode for you and I’m coming at you from my front yard garden. I just got done planting out, I don’t know, man, probably like about a hundred pepper plants in each bed. I spaced them probably about 12 inches apart. We got […]