Ketosis – Healthy or Deadly?

Hello. We’re going to talk about the subject called, Ketosis, What is it? Ketosis is a state of fat-burning, so when you’re in ketosis, you’re making something called ketones. What are ketones? Ketones are those things that, it’s a type of fuel for the body that’s alternative fuel than actual sugar or glucose. Ketones would […]

Woman Says She Lost Over 120 Pounds On The ‘Keto’ Diet | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Do Ketogenic Diets Really Work?

Some fads never die, right? Low carb diets were a thing in the late 90s and they’re still a thing now. But does this fad have staying power because the benefits are real? Or is that greasy low-carb burger fried in snake oil? We can try to address some of those questions with science. Low […]

Lipids | High Fat / Keto Diet | Weight Loss

Fats are good for you. Hi and welcome back to my channel. If you are new I am Lola at Beasts Train Mean, and in this video I am going to talk about dietary fats as a continuation of our macronutrients series. If you missed the introductory video along with the previous ones in the […]

Keto 101– What is Keto? Low Carb, Ketogenic Diet & Ketosis For Beginners – Mind Over Munch

Wait! I said you’re the GOOD kind of fat! Hey munchies! Welcome to the channel, I’m Alyssia, and today I’m going to cover a topic I have had a LOT of requests for: keto, or a ketogenic diet. And this is going to be an educational, objective, introductory video explaining what a ketogenic diet is, […]

POTASSIUM: The MOST Important Electrolyte – MUST WATCH!

Hey, guys, Dr. Berg here. I want to do a video on the most important electrolyte. Let me explain what electrolyte is. If you ever take salt and put it in water and dissolve it, it disassociates. The sodium and chloride disconnect and they become two separate minerals. That fluid is very electrically conductive. Basically, […]