Should you be using IGUS polymer bushings?

Hey everyone, Tom here, and IGUS recently sent me this insane sample package, and i would like to take this opportunity to talk about whether or not, when and how you should be using these over regular linear ball bearings. So e.g. in an LM8UU linear ball bearing, there are recirculating bearing balls, so you […]

Kinetic analysis of protein-protein interaction using BLI

Welcome to MOOC intractomics course Kinetic analysis of antibodies and other proteins is critical to characterization of molecules In today’s lecture we will use bio-layer interferometry BLI technique to perform a kinetics interaction study between mouse monoclonal antibody and protein A Here protein A will be immobilized on a matrix at the tip of a […]

Protein-protein interaction study: Kinetic analysis

Welcome to MOOC NPTEL course on intractomics determination of interaction kinetics is one of the most striking application for SPR biosensors and understanding of kinetics is essential to evaluate the strength of a bio-molecular complex interaction The label-free real time detection allows kinetic analysis to be performed by monitoring interaction as a function of time […]