Pissing Grandmom Off For An Entire Day

what everybody how you guys doing today I hope everyone’s having an amazing day so far if you are not hopeful this vlog makes it a little bit better oh it’s chilly out here this hoodie season right now got that lance210 hoodie on of course we just released some brand-new merchandise that you can […]

Escaped Prisoner Prank

come to My car … okay today’s video I want to let you know that we just released brand-new limited-edition merchandise it is now available on our website last item calm we have the blue camo mid weight bomber jacket this thing is so sick it is made in the United States super silky material […]

We TRASHED My Apartment.. (Bad Idea)

what up everybody how you guys doing today as you can see is currently dark outside it’s also 4 am right now why am i up right now I don’t know for 11 a.m. to be exact I woke up at 3:30 a.m. laid in bed for about half an hour and not being able […]

Someone SPRAY PAINTED My Audi R8! *Caught On Camera*

this is what my car looks like what up everybody how you guys doing today as you can see in the background there were so many cars here we were back at homies place he’s like 30 cars this is ridiculous every time I come here I just like can’t get over how insane this […]