Why Nutrition Studies Keep Contradicting Each Other

[♪ INTRO ] It seems like it’s practically impossible to get a straight answer on whether a given food or supplement is good for you. First they say red wine is good for you. Then there’s a headline announcing that it doesn’t do anything, and wait, isn’t alcohol supposed to cause cancer? If you wanted […]

How do Carbohydrates impact our Health? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. How do Carbohydrates impact our Health? They make me look handsome. Naahhh. When we eat carbohydrates. They are broken down into glucose which is absorbed into our bloodstream. On detecting glucose, the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin. Insulin tells our cells to open and let glucose in so that it can […]

Paleo Got It Wrong: We’ve Loved Carbs for Over 100,000 Years | SciShow News

Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this whole week of SciShow! You can learn more at Brilliant.org/SciShow. [ ♪INTRO ] We used to think that carbs were a recent addition to the human diet. I mean, that’s why the so-called “Paleo diet” says you shouldn’t eat wheat or potatoes. But perhaps unsurprisingly, the fad diet trend […]

How to Speak Chemistrian: Crash Course Chemistry #11

Imagine you wake up one morning, and you’re under a tree, and you don’t recognize anything. You’re surrounded by low, grassy hills. It’s raining a bit and smells like waffles and potatoes. As you rub the sleep from your eyes, you notice a woman, and she’s like “Qu’est-ce que tu fais dans la pluie?” and […]

6 Supplements That Might Actually Help You

♪Intro♪ Supplements are super popular. One recent survey estimates that more than half of Americans use them, and we spend billions of dollars on them each year. The truth is, though, most people don’t need any supplements, unless they’re deficient in a vitamin or mineral. And even if they are, they should probably switch up […]

The Good Behavior Game

[ intro ] If you’ve ever been either a student or a teacher — and that covers most of us — you’ve probably been in a classroom that was out of control. Education researchers have come up with a lot of ways to handle rowdy classes and misbehaving kids. Many of those methods are published […]

Could Increasing the Melanin In Your Skin Protect You From Cancer?

More people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the US than any other cancer combined. In fact, melanoma–a highly dangerous type of skin cancer–is estimated to claim one life every hour. So what if you could lower your risk of skin cancer….by changing the color of your skin? Ok, this is a big subject, so […]

6 “Vegetarian” Animals that Will Give You Nightmares

[♪ INTRO ] If I asked you to picture a forest, you might envision a sunny grove with some deer gently nibbling on leaves as they mosey on through. But those deer could actually be searching for a baby bird or two to munch on. Yes, deer can be carnivorous. In fact, many supposed plant-eaters […]

7 of Australia’s Most Terrifying Inhabitants

Between the funnel web spiders that can hide in your boots and the snakes that can slither into your house, Australia can be a pretty scary place. Well, you don’t even know the half of it. Because odds are, you’re not going to stumble across an inland taipan or a saltie on your bike ride […]

What Does “Organic” Mean, and Should You Buy Organic Foods?

[♪ INTRO] You’re at the supermarket, and you need to pick up a few ingredients for your favorite stew. Do you buy the organic carrots, potatoes and beef? Or do you skip the upcharge and stick with the conventional stuff? There’s a lot of confusion over what organic means, and whether it makes sense to […]