How Much Fat Do I Eat: Ketogenic Diet?

Hey, guys. Dr. Berg here. In this video, we’re going to talk about how much fat you need to consume on a ketogenic diet per meal. There’s a lot of theories out there, but I have an unfair advantage because I have a lot of people I can practice on in my clinic to see […]

Woman Says She Lost Over 120 Pounds On The ‘Keto’ Diet | Megyn Kelly TODAY

[Preview] The carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity — Dr. David Ludwig

So according to what could be termed the carbohydrate insulin model of obesity the problem begins at the right side of this figure. Something has triggered fat cells to take in and hold on to too many calories. So, there are too few calories in the bloodstream, not too many, as in the other model […]

Carbohydrates | Low Carb Diet and Keto | High Carb Diet | Weight Loss and Muscle Growth

Do carbs make you fat? How much carbs should you eat? What type of carbs are good for gains? Hi, and welcome back to my channel. If you are new, I am Lola at Beasts Train Mean, and in this video, I am going to talk about… well, what the title says. If you missed […]

Do Ketogenic Diets Really Work?

Some fads never die, right? Low carb diets were a thing in the late 90s and they’re still a thing now. But does this fad have staying power because the benefits are real? Or is that greasy low-carb burger fried in snake oil? We can try to address some of those questions with science. Low […]

No Bake Chocolate Protein Balls – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey sleevers I am so excited today we are doing chocolate no baked protein balls these are huge hit in my household our kids love them they have them for an after school treat they’re perfect for me in the evenings if I feel a little bit snacky I’ll go and have one or two […]

Easy Vanilla Microwave Mug Cake – Protein Treats By Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by Nutracelle I’m Melanie Wildman and after my sleeve I’ve lost over a hundred pounds and I’ve managed to keep it off for almost ten years now how do I do it by eating super yummy food like I’m gonna show you how to make today today we are […]

Carbs: What are examples of carbohydrates?

This is Neily on Nutrition. Thanks for tuning into my continuing conversation about carbohydrates. Yesterday, I focused on why some people might think that they’re bad, and they’re not. But there’s a lot of misconceptions about carbohydrates, and they’re so misunderstood. I was at a meeting a while ago and it was a non-dietitian, non- […]

Ketone Supplements – Do They WORK?

With the rise of the ketogenic diet in today’s health and fitness climate, it’s no surprise that a means to further monetize the trend has quickly sprouted. And in this world of fitness, not many other popular monetization exists outside of supplements. In just the past few years, we have seen a substantial marketing surge […]

The Spectrum of Carbohydrates – from Whole Grain to White Bread

All nutrients are not created equal especially when it comes to their effect on our health. So shifting our focus from nutrients to foods can help us develop better eating habits that will support our long term health.>>Getting our head around the idea that we should be focused on the category of foods, mot nutrients, […]