Episode 62: Serotonin: An Agent of Averageness

that’s got to be an and get the fridge or the coffee maker it’s like he’s humming is it the fridge that’s okay that’s afraid yeah okay I can do it I can eliminate at 90% of the time anyways that was that one yeah somebody will bitch about that somebody will we got a […]

Gluconeogenesis: Expensive, but Essential | MWM 2.29

Gluconeogenesis. We don’t have to eat carbohydrate because we can make it from other things in our diet like protein. But being gluconeogenic ain’t easy. As far as your ATP supply is concerned, it might just break the bank. But hey, the liver’s got to do what the liver’s got to do, amiright? Let’s take […]

Feijão é Carboidrato ou Proteína? Pode Comer Feijão na Dieta Low Carb?

Cream Cheese Chicken with Bacon

– Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer Banz. Welcome back to Low Carb with Jennifer. Today I’m going to be making one of my one skillet dinners. It’s a creamy, cheesy chicken recipe. Use some chicken breasts and put it in a delicious sauce and it’s going to be super delicious. So let’s get started. (calm music) […]

Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake – Healthy Recipe Channel

what’s up guys welcome back to this channel I’m going to be showing you guys a real simple recipe super easy it’s more like a snack protein shake type of deal that you guys can make in between your meals if you’re doing a keto or a low carb diet this is great I know […]

Does the Keto Diet Actually Work?

There’s always some new diet touted as the one that will give you a celeb body in two weeks, and Keto Diet is currently making the rounds. But what is Ketogenesis? Did someone say Sega Genesis? Ketogenesis has a super scientific name, and a lot of science behind it… which is probably why people use […]

Keto Chicken Enchilada Soup (Chili’s Copycat)

– Hey guys, I’m Jennifer Banz, welcome back to Low Carb with Jennifer. Today, we’re going to be making my super delicious Chili’s Copycat Enchilada Soup recipe. I don’t know if you’ve had this soup chili before, it is so good, and I’m actually going to make a double batch because I want lots of […]

Can I Have Dairy on Keto ? | Hemp Milk | Cashew Milk

Welcome to another video in the KNOWLEDGE series from Your Keto Site.com. Today’s video is about dairy and keto diet. Questions answered in the video are. Is Dairy allowed on Keto? if yes, then how much and in what form? Also, In the description of this video, I have a free keto recipe book for […]

MyFitnessPal for carb cycling

stay tuned we are going to go through a little tutorial showing you how to figure out your carb cycle macros and how to input it into my fitness pal if you haven’t already you guys go hit that subscribe button hit that notification Bell so you’re notified when I upload nope up dude huh […]