10 Foods To Avoid If You Have Arthritis

10 Foods To Avoid If You Have Arthritis 1. Gluten and wheat. These two products can produce an inflammatory response even if you are not gluten or wheat intolerant. A leaky gut (which is an actual medical term now) has been linked to joint pain. A leaky gut lets toxins into the bloodstream which can […]

Cancer Treatment: Why a Vegetarian Diet Helps

Hi, I’m Dr. Scholz. Let’s talk about prostate cancer. In this video, we’re going to cover dietary practices for prostate cancer patients. I’m not going to try and cover the specifics of what type of diet. I’m going to talk about a general overriding principle, a fairly simple concept, and then there’s tons of information […]

Stanford’s Christopher Gardner Tackles the Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat Question

For decades, we’ve been pursuing a low-fat diet as a public health message. Then all of a sudden there seemed to be a flip-flop. People said the low-fat thing was wrong. It was the opposite, it was supposed to be low-carb. It seems like there’s been this very active debate and opponents on either side. […]


[Music] it’s going on YouTube long time no talk and I say that because I know I’ve been putting out videos but all of that footage was from my Cape Town trip and I have so much footage stocked up that I just haven’t been recording because I’m like I have lots of videos to […]

How to Make Healthy Tortilla Choices and Read Nutrition Labels – Mind Over Munch

Music Hey friends, so in my last What I Eat In A Day video. I made a snack where I used a tortilla, I know it’s not tortilla, quesadilla, I was just kidding. But anyways a lot of you guys showed interests in a video on how to choose Tortilla so, here it is. So […]

HEALTHIEST DIET IN THE WORLD? Rare Dr. Esselstyn Interview

The passion that keeps me going is I feel that we’re literally on the cusp or What could truly be a seismic? revolution in health and This seismic revolution is never going to come about From the invention of another pill or a drug or a procedure or an operation? this seismic revolution will come […]

The Story of Fat: Why we were Wrong about Health

Let me tell you the story of how one man accidentally gave us the obesity epidemic, kept cardiovascular disease growing, made billions for the pharmaceutical industry and programmed us to be afraid of fat and cholesterol. All the benefits from skim milk, low fat snacks, and cholesterol lowering Cheerios that were sold to you are […]

Does Milk Contain Protein?

hello welcome to health and fitness please leave your comment after watching this video and also subscribe our channel does milk contain protein milk and milk products are good sources of protein and also contain many other valuable nutrients including calcium potassium and magnesium because milk is often fortified with vitamins A and D it […]