Last Mile Solutions: Distance Learning Transforms Action on Nutrition | World Vision

(birds chirping) (quick drum music) (singing in a local language) – My name is Nutifafa Glover. I am the Regional Nutrition Officer for Volta Region. I grew up in this area, so I take my work to heart. (lively drum music) (singing in a local language) Even though we are working hard, I could see […]

The Power of Nutrition: AHRQ Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Hospitals Toolkit

Okay. So, welcome everyone. I think we’ll probably have a few more people join over the next few minutes, but we’re going to go ahead and get started in the interest of time. So, this is our sixth learning network webinar. And thanks, again, for joining us. Today, we’ll just do a little housekeeping to […]

Carbohydrates & How does it help in Weight loss ?(in Kannada with English Subtitles)

Hi, You are watching Nutri Physician This Channel is primarily about Nutritious food & Healthy living And I am Krishi Somanna at Nutri Physician here to share knowledge about the Nutrition So please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE my channel And to all my existing Subcribers, Thank You for Subscribing to my channel Today’s trend is that […]