Myths About the Effects of Vitamin Mineral Supplements

Walgreens | Vitamin Angels: Meet David

Meet David, an energetic four-year-old boy that lives in the remote village of Nakibole in Uganda Malaria and flu outbreaks are common in David’s community And with a starch-heavy diet lacking in nutrients, David’s immune system wasn’t strong enough to fight off illness He used to get sick frequently But thanks to partners like Walgreens, […]

Walgreens | Vitamin Angels: Meet Luis

Meet Luis, an energetic three-year-old from a rural village in Mexico A new agricultural project in his community is helping make access to more nutritious foods possible But Luis’ family still depends on their corn and bean crops for most of their food, which means Luis eats a very starch-heavy diet Thanks to partners like […]

Introducing The Power of Nutrition

The Power of Nutrition is a new donor pooled foundation that is seeking to address the significant lack of funding in the nutrition space. Nutrition has belatedly been recognized as being transformative for children’s lives and yet we still find ourselves in a position where both globally and domestically nutrition is woefully underfunded. We are […]

Walgreens | Vitamin Angels: Meet Lisendji

Meet Lisendji, a playful four-year-old girl from Haiti She lives in the small village of Marin with her family, where she is attending kindergarten Lisendji’s diet consists primarily of rice and beans, starch-heavy foods lacking in the essential nutrients she needs as a growing child Malaria outbreaks, which are common in her village, threaten her […]

Energy Considerations in Nutrition: BMR, RMR & Physical Activity – Nutrition | Lecturio

In this lecture we will be reviewing some of the energy considerations relative to nutrition that you need to have right in your pocket for your medical licensing exams. These things include basal metabolic rate as well as body mass index, total energy expenditure, as well the fuel caloric values and so forth. So moving […]

Deadly Nutrition: The REAL Dietary Killers | Dr. Michael Greger

When it comes to nutrition, and especially when it comes to vegan nutrition, we tend to focus on what we’re not getting enough of, and the dire consequences of nutritional deficiencies. What about our protein? Iron? Zinc? B12? Omegas? And on and on. And while these concerns are important, the truth is, at least in […]

Last Mile Solutions: Distance Learning Transforms Action on Nutrition | World Vision

(birds chirping) (quick drum music) (singing in a local language) – My name is Nutifafa Glover. I am the Regional Nutrition Officer for Volta Region. I grew up in this area, so I take my work to heart. (lively drum music) (singing in a local language) Even though we are working hard, I could see […]

The Power of Nutrition: AHRQ Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Hospitals Toolkit

Okay. So, welcome everyone. I think we’ll probably have a few more people join over the next few minutes, but we’re going to go ahead and get started in the interest of time. So, this is our sixth learning network webinar. And thanks, again, for joining us. Today, we’ll just do a little housekeeping to […]