My Vitamins & Supplements Routine | Anti-Aging and Overall Health

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I am doing a video about 101 for supplements and vitamins I get quite a bit of questions about all these subjects and I’m super excited to share more information with you in case you guys don’t know I am a registered holistic nutritionist I got my […]

Beneficios del té Matcha 🔝

Hi I’m Raquel Dominguez and today I am here to tell you about the benefits of matcha tea. Have you heard of Matcha? you just need to give you a around Instagram accounts of more international celebrities for that you realize that it is the new drink the fashion, but really the matcha tea […]

🍃Thirsty Thursday: 🍃 Tea and Health: Green Tea & L-theanine

Hi! Jenny here with Sipping Streams Tea Company for another Thirsty Thursday! Happy New Year, everyone! And happy National Hot Tea Month! If you have any questions, just stop me. We’ll be covering in the month of January every week a topic about health and tea. With it being the cold weather month of January, […]