Vitamin A: Introduction – Biochemistry | Lecturio

In this lecture, I’m going to describe vitamins D and A, two of the fat-soluble vitamins and some of the very different functions that each one has. Now, vitamins D and A, as I said, are fat-soluble vitamins. They are important in the case of vitamin A for vision. In the case of vitamin D, […]

Vitamin A: Steps in Light Detection – Biochemistry | Lecturio

Now, as I said, this is a complicated process. So first, I’m going to step you through a description of what happens inside of the eye cell. And then I’ll show a representation about what’s actually occurring. The first step in the process involves absorption of a photon of light by the 11-cis retinal that’s […]

Use of Calories and Alcohol Metabolism – Nutrition | Lecturio

So how do we use all of these different calories. Specially the ones for basal metabolic rate. You need to know where the majority of calories go to. So a quick graphic here to help us with that. First of all our brain uses almost 20%. Again we have numbers on here. You really need […]

Energy Considerations in Nutrition: BMR, RMR & Physical Activity – Nutrition | Lecturio

In this lecture we will be reviewing some of the energy considerations relative to nutrition that you need to have right in your pocket for your medical licensing exams. These things include basal metabolic rate as well as body mass index, total energy expenditure, as well the fuel caloric values and so forth. So moving […]

Serine Family & Methionine Catabolism – Biochemistry | Lecturio

The next amino acid metabolism family I want to consider is that of the serine family. So, the serine family, as the other families are described, uses serine as a central amino acid for branching out to make the other amino acids. So to understand this family, I need to first describe how serine is […]

Proline & Arginine Synthesis – Biochemistry | Lecturio

That next amino acid we consider in biosynthesis is that a proline. Proline is made in a relatively simple fashion in three steps starting from glutamate. The first step involves the synthesis of glutamate-5-semialdehyde which I don’t show here. The first step beyond that then is the phosphorylation of the glumate-5-semialdehyde. That oxidation and dephosphorylation […]

α-ketoglutarate Family & Glutamine Synthesis – Biochemistry | Lecturio

I want to start a discussion here talking about the alpha-ketoglutarate family, also called the glutamate family because all of the amino acids that are made in this family include glutamate and alpha-ketoglutarate as precursors. Now, this is a very good place to start our discussion because the alpha-ketoglutarate family starts with the process that’s […]

Nucleotide Metabolism: Introduction and De novo Purine Metabolism – Biochemistry | Lecturio

Virtually every school kid today learns that ATP, GTP, CTP, and UTP are the nucleotide building blocks used to make RNA and the deoxyribonucleotide versions of those are the building blocks used to make DNA. What they don’t know and what you probably haven’t learned is how those nucleotides themselves are made, and that will […]

Amino Acid Metabolism: Introduction – Biochemistry | Lecturio

In this set of lectures, I will describe the most diverse set of metabolic processes that occur that of amino acid metabolism. Now to review for just a second, we remember that amino acids are essential for making proteins and that there are 20 common amino acids that are found in all proteins plus an […]