Why labs are printing the coronavirus genome

(dramatic music) – In December of last year, doctors in Wuhan, China had a mystery on their hands. People in the region were coming down with an unusual pneumonia. It’s cold and flu season, but these people didn’t have either. Doctors quickly realized it might be something entirely new. – Medical nightmare, the coronavirus outbreak. […]

Entire genetic code printed in books | An introduction to genetics

Hello humans. My name is Nick Dent and this… is your Genome Project. Now when this was completed it made a lot of people very excited. The UK science minister Lord Sainsbury said, ‘We now have the possibility to achieve all we ever hoped for from medicine’. President Bill Clinton said, ‘We are learning the […]

Peptides target the ‘seeds’ of cancer | Curtin University

Humanity’s fight against cancer continues but Arun Dharmarajan and his Curtin research team have won one of the battles. They have isolated components of a protein occurring naturally in the body, peptides, which are able to interfere with the signals that allow cancer cells to grow. And more particularly, the seedlings of this destructive disease: […]


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Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker

Thank you very much. Well, I would like to start with testicles. (Laughter) Men who sleep five hours a night have significantly smaller testicles than those who sleep seven hours or more. (Laughter) In addition, men who routinely sleep just four to five hours a night will have a level of testosterone which is that […]

Methods for detecting ketone levels in diabetes research

The collaborative project with engineering at the University of Sydney, with Associate Professor Xiaoke Yi and her team, focuses on ketones. Ketones are an alternative source of energy fuel used by the body. It’s important for some people to be able to measure them, and particular people with type 1 diabetes. When they become unwell, […]

Celiac Disease and Gluten

You can see gluten-free food almost everywhere. What’s the big deal? Well, around 1% of the world population can’t eat gluten or else they will experience stomach pains, diarrhea, or even malnutrition. This is because these people suffer from a condition called celiac disease. Watch this episode of Medicurio to learn the history, symptoms, mechanism, […]

Genetics with Euan Ashley

But what if I told you that inside every one of you was a secret code? A code that had information about generations of your family history. A code that could predict your future. What if I told you there was a code that were dictate for some of you, how you live and even […]

How digital DNA could help you make better health choices | Jun Wang

Today I’m here, actually, to pose you a question. What is life? It has been really puzzling me for more than 25 years, and will probably continue doing so for the next 25 years. This is the thesis I did when I was still in undergraduate school. While my colleagues still treated computers as big […]

Our Fight Against Death | Origins: The Journey of Humankind

humanity struggle against death has been our most enduring fight history has given us one weapon in this existential battle we fight back with medicine tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors scavenge to the natural world for remedies imagine the incredible leaps of faith we had to take in an effort to ease […]