The Invisible Labour of Women – Scratching the Surface | Vitamin Stree & BuzzFeed India

Once upon a time, men earned the money and women handled the home. They called it traditional gender roles and it worked beautifully. Until one day PLOT TWIST someone noticed women could earn too! And so, everybody agreed to share the burden of both roles and lived happily ever after! NAHHH. Although more and more […]

Episode 52: Protein – How Much? How Often? With What? and Why?

okay I’m good you guys good I am good no called Jesus just hang on to the casting is just a few episodes ago that we were so all right guys we’re back this week can we talk about I think we do know we can we can now with why we couldn’t yet before […]

Nutrition in Neuroscience Part 2 | Mastering Nutrition #54

This is Dr. Chris Masterjohn of, and you’re listening to Episode 54 of Mastering Nutrition, where we now delve into Part 2 of Nutrition in Neuroscience. This is Mastering Nutrition with Chris Masterjohn. Take control of your health, master the science, and apply it like a pro. Are you ready? Welcome back everybody. This […]

Mood Imbalances and their Root Causes | Podcast #250

Evan Brand: It says live on my end. We must be rolling. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And we live hit the record button one sec. And we are live. It’s not to Jay and Evan brand here in the house. Were going to be chatting about root causes to mood issues Evan. How are you doing […]

New Brain Nutrition – Scientific Research

Hi I’m Jonathan Marx from New Brain Nutrition and Eat to Be Nice and I’m here with Dr Alejandro Arias Vasquez, PhD . He’s the coordinator of the Eat to Be Nice program. He’s also the director of the multi factorial lab from the Department of Human Genetics and Psychiatry at Radboud Medical Center in […]

Vitamin B12 Necessary for Arterial Health