Kelly Doering introduces the Peptide and Protein Bioanalysis Boot Camp

Hi, my name is Kelly Doering, and I’m a senior business manager for a bioanalysis in DMPK with Waters Corporation. As most of us in this field understand, a seismic shift is taking place in drug development, where an increasingly greater proportion of large molecule therapeutics is coming to market. And the complexity of these […]

The Brownian Motion – Nada El Annasi / #race2space2020

Imagine with me, drinking a cup of tea while sitting on the balcony in the morning. And the house is perfumed by an incense stick that your mother ignited. What a feeling! Right? But have you ever asked yourself how does tea flavor spread from the tea bag throughout a cup of hot water? And […]

Polar Molecules Tutorial: How to determine polarity in a molecule

in which we will explore how bond polarity affects the polarity of a molecule so what is polarity? First molecules are neutral; the entire molecule has an equal amount of protons and electrons; with that in mind if the negative charge, the electrons in a molecule, are evenly distributed around the molecule, then it is […]

Organic Molecules: The versatility of carbon–The tremendous variety of organic compounds on earth.

hello and welcome to a primer on organic chemistry There is something very interesting about all the different molecules that exist on earth which is that the vast majority of them contain carbon something extremely important to remember is that we call compounds that contain carbon organic compounds all of which will answer our overarching […]

These Liquids Look Alive!

Watch what happens when I place some small drops of food coloring on to this slide. Some are attracted to each other and merge, while others repel and chase each other. It looks just like the tiny world of micro-organisms, but why? Well if you want to try this out for yourself You need to […]

12 molecules of Christmas | Proteasome

Today’s molecular machine is the proteasome. The proteasome is the recycling factory of our cells, where it breaks up proteins into smaller constituent parts. It looks a little bit like a Yule log. It is very important because it destroys proteins in a timely manner to make sure the right amount is available at the […]

Will Synthetic Vitamins Make Me Explode?

we hear the words natural and synthetic all the time when talking about food, medicine, clothes and other things. but what do they mean? if you took a poll most people would tell you that natural has to do with their juice cleanse organic groceries, yoga and other healthy activities but for synthetic they’ll warn […]

Fundamentals of Nutrients and the History of Nutrition

[MUSIC] In order to survive, the human organism needs to take in oxygen, water, and food. We can survive only about three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food. Because food is so important to our survival, it’s been studied extensively. And since 1827 when a British physician by the […]

Food molecules: fats, carbohydrates, and proteins

So if we want to think scientifically about cooking, we have to start by thinking a little bit about what food is made out of because, after all, it is the constituents of food which will be the major player in this adventure that we’re about to launch ourselves on. Let’s just start with the […]