Kelly Doering introduces the Peptide and Protein Bioanalysis Boot Camp

Hi, my name is Kelly Doering, and I’m a senior business manager for a bioanalysis in DMPK with Waters Corporation. As most of us in this field understand, a seismic shift is taking place in drug development, where an increasingly greater proportion of large molecule therapeutics is coming to market. And the complexity of these […]

Tiny Science || Zinc and Sulfur Puff – Chemical Reaction – Make Science Fun

G’day, I’m Jacob from Make Science Fun Under this sparkler, I’ve got a mixture of two elements Zinc, a silvery metal and sulfur, a yellow non-metal. Both have been powdered up to make the chemical reaction go really quick. Woah! Oh..Oh! My lab! Zinc Sulfide everywhere! If you want to see a lot more reactions […]

Acids, Bases and pH

When water dissociates, it breaks apart into an equal number of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. In contrast, when other substances dissociate, they may release more hydrogen ions or more hydroxide ions. they may release more hydrogen ions or more hydroxide ions. For example, hydrochloric acid releases more hydrogen ions as it dissociates, and sodium […]

What is the pH scale? | Definition of pH scale – Dr K

In this video, we’re gonna answer the question, What is the pH scale? There was a Danish chemist named Sorensen. He first introduced the concept of pH in 1909. The exact meaning of p has been disputed but some says that it stands for power, others says that it stands for potential. Regardless of what […]

Rover Finds Mars Past Could Have Supported Life

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Vitamins for Hair Growth & Health | Regimen part 7

okay so the last component of my hair care routine is vitamins and a lot of people I think there’s and I think there’s a lot of misconception about the need to take biotin or hair skin and nails vitamins or specific vitamins for hair growth I take vitamins for my overall health and well-being […]

Wellmune Beta Glucan Supplements in US TV Report on Biothera

New this morning, a Minnesota company called Biothera is getting global attention for its immune strengthening product, and we all know it’s very important to keep our immune system strong. Especially as we enter a flu season next month. And stress is a major factor that least illnesses Susanna Song has more on how science […]

Client-Centered Counseling and Nutrition: Role Play, Demo, Foundations

Hey, Roberta. It’s great to see you again. Thanks for coming in. Hi. It’s so nice to see you again, too. I’ve been really thinking about suggestions that you made last time. And I really want to control my diabetes. I want to be healthier. So I’m interested in maybe starting like a nutrition program. […]

How to Eat More Foods with Vitamin A

How to Eat More Foods with Vitamin A. Vitamin A is not only good for your eyesight, it also promotes, growth, a healthy immune system, and healthy bones, teeth, hair, skin, and nails. You will need Apricots Mango Papaya Cantaloupe Spinach or kale Carrots Sweet potatoes Pumpkins Meat and fish Eggs Cod liver oil and […]