Nanox Nutriceuticals – Johan explains… BCAA’s

Good morning! I am Johan Quintens from Nanox and today I want to tell you something about BCAA’s. I don’t know if you ever tried this; these are pure native BCAA’s and… they taste like bile; bitter, very bitter and I can see they do not solve very good in water. Because one of the […]

Body Beast Supplements from Beachbody

Hey, guys, it’s Dave, It’s been a while since I caught you up on what’s going up with me, since I finished the ultimate reset. I have been doing the Les Mills Pump. I am on week seven right now. I am absolutely loving this workout. More about that workout later. Right now, I wanna […]

‘Hulk’ Brothers Risk Death By Injecting Muscle-Building Chemicals | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

COMM: Brothers Alvaro and Tony have been working out since they were teenagers. Now at the ages of 49 and 50, the brothers’ combined weight is a whopping 241 kilograms. The same weight as 4,900 medium chicken eggs. COMM: Alvaro and Tony started to inject a mephentermine-based multi-vitamin stimulant known as Potenay B12 to help […]

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate supplement review video by Muscle Research

What’s up guys its Tyler D from Muscle Research and I am going to bring you another product review as usual. First of all, look at this They’ve got a little mic on me. They’ve got people over here adjusting my mic I’ve got make-up on right now As you can see we are in […]

How To Increase Muscle Mass WITHOUT Supplements

Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from, with another video lesson on how to gain weight if you’re skinny. And in this video we’re answering the question: “How Do You Gain Weight and Increase Your Muscle Mass WITHOUT Taking Supplements?” Now, supplements can get really expensive. And the truth is that you really don’t need […]

The Diet of a Champion Female Bodybuilder

Eating While Bulking-KeyMuscle nutrition bodybuilding motivation healthy pilates

dick Ulis don’t use Bowie JM everything JM original out here see that he must be wrapping the key muscle – all right you know get some gains 200 key muscle we rappin it out here we’ve gotta put in this work anybody get them gangs to buy some games he gave them games too […]

Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth: Meal Tips For Bigger Gains

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here, We’re going to talk about post workout nutrition in this video. I’m going to give you guys some radical, outside-the-box tips on how you can really speed up your muscle growth at the most important time of the day, that is post workout. You go in the […]

Carbohydrates | Low Carb Diet and Keto | High Carb Diet | Weight Loss and Muscle Growth

Do carbs make you fat? How much carbs should you eat? What type of carbs are good for gains? Hi, and welcome back to my channel. If you are new, I am Lola at Beasts Train Mean, and in this video, I am going to talk about… well, what the title says. If you missed […]

Testo24 – Uber Nutrition

Do you have the balls? What makes man a man, is his testosterone. Without testosterone, you couldn´t change fat to muscles, sugar to energy and virgins to women. Testo 24 is the strongest testosterone-stimulant legally avalaible on the market. It’s technologically unique solution. The brainiacs have found the perfect equilibrium of components. Testo 24 stimulates […]