Last Mile Solutions: Distance Learning Transforms Action on Nutrition | World Vision

(birds chirping) (quick drum music) (singing in a local language) – My name is Nutifafa Glover. I am the Regional Nutrition Officer for Volta Region. I grew up in this area, so I take my work to heart. (lively drum music) (singing in a local language) Even though we are working hard, I could see […]

A Fruity Paradise! Strawberries 🍓Apples 🍎 Watermelon🍉 It’s Basically like Taking Your Vitamins 💪

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Keto Low Carb Pakistani Chicken Karahi Recipe | Quick & Easy

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Explaining Biology the cool way | Protein Synthesis Rap

Transcription and translation, it’s a success But without the RNA’s it would be a mess (In the cell nucleus) It starts with the DNA code Where the code’s processed For the RNA creation Of a new protein population Then it is transcription Where the mRNA starts its encryption Just got to copy out the code […]