Vintage TV Ads: Sani-Flush – 1961

R★O★C★K★S/NARUTO-ナルト- 8bit

AMINUX – BARAKA BARAKA (Official Music Video) | أمينوكس – باراكا

Zouhair Bahaoui – Lazem Alina Nsebro (EXCLUSIVE) | (زهير البهاوي – لازم علينا نصبروا (فيديو كليب

Don’t tell me the caring one left me The rose that never hurt me Without a word or farewell she left me I remembered the last time she hugged me and said I beg you not to leave me, I said don’t cry I’d give you my life so you could live, Take my heart, […]

君を守って 君を愛して/BLEACH 8bit

さくらびと/BLEACH 8bit

オレンジ/BLEACH 8bit

Deon Cole Loves Older Women: ‘If You Got A Chain On The Back Of Your Glasses, I’m Coming At You’

– Can we check out the bling you are wearing? – What bling? What are you talking about? – [Kelly] What are you talking about? – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – [Kelly] I need some sunglasses! (laughter) Nice! It’s nice! – Thank you. – So have you met before? I don’t think […]

旅立つキミへ/BLEACH 8bit

桜日和/BLEACH 8bit