Ashwagandha: The Complete Herbal Guide

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine and founder of In this video, I’m going to be training you on the many benefits of ashwagandha and how you can use it to improve your adrenal health, thyroid health, brain health, and a whole lot more. And I’ll tell you what, ashwagandha from […]

10 Ingredients Destroying Your Health

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Nutrition Today. We’ve got a great broadcast today. We’re going to be talking about the top 10 things that you may be using in your kitchen or in your personal care cabinets that are absolutely destroying your health, today. So, we’re […]

Top 20 Cancer Killing Foods

Josh:Hey guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, along with Jordan Rubin. Today we’ll be talking about The Top Cancer Killing Foods. And I know that Jordan, this is something that’s affected my life directly with my mom battling cancer. I know it’s affected you, and your life, and many family members as well. And so today […]

Gain Weight And Build Muscle Faster With These 6 Amazing Dry Fruits And Nuts

Ever wonder why that although you exert so much effort in your exercise and weight-lifting routines, still, you can’t achieve the best results? That no matter how rigid your workout regimen is, you aren’t gaining more weight and lean muscle? Maybe your routines are not enough to make this happen. You have to consider several […]

9 Bad Habits That Make You Fat

Mention the words ‘weight loss’ and you can certainly spark a debate. Everyone seems to have their own favorite method. But unfortunately, it’s a process much like a yo-yo. In today’s video we’ll explore 9 bad habits that may be keeping most people from losing that weight and keeping it off. 1. Eating before going […]

10 Heavy Metal Detox Strategies

Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin. Dr. Axe is out for the day, so you’re stuck with me, but we’re going to talk about a great topic today that I believe affects millions and millions of Americans. Heavy metal toxicity. Now, how do you know if you have heavy metal toxicity? Let’s begin to talk about […]

6 Serious Illnesses Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

Many people are aware of the dangers of overexposure to the sun. Skin cancer is at the top of the list of those dangers, and while we need to educate ourselves and understand how to properly protect ourselves from damage, caused by too much time spent in direct contact with the sun, we can’t simply […]

How To Make Vitamin C Powder At Home For Immune System Support

Have you ever heard of scurvy? This disease manifests itself through symptoms such as gum bleeding, joint pain, and difficulties scarring. It’s caused by vitamin C deficiency, and has killed whole crews of sailors during long voyages. Although it’s considered to be rare nowadays, there were a few cases of this sickness in Australia a […]

Clary Sage Oil Health Benefits

Jordan: Hi I’m Jordan Rubin, CEO of, where we believe food is medicine. In fact, food is ancient medicine and today we’re here to share with you an ancient medicine called clary sage oil and its powerful health benefits. Clary sage may be something you’ve never heard of before. If you’re an essential oil […]

Magnesium Supplements: Should You Take Them?

Magnesium is called “the mineral of life,” and is the second most common element in human cells, and is responsible for more than 300 chemical reactions in our bodies. We can obtain it through a few foods, but our diet doesn’t always allow us to achieve the ideal amount of magnesium we need. Due to […]