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What the Heck is Leaky Gut & how Can I Reverse It?

Hi guys! I have a good title today. It’s “What The Heck Is Leaky Gut?” If you go to your gastroenterologist and you say to him, “I might have a leaky gut,” he’s gonna look at you with the funniest look you ever saw. Because he doesn’t know what this is and he certainly doesn’t […]

Is Collagen All Its Cracked Up to Be, or is it more hype than results?

Hi guys, you know I look everywhere and it’s collagen here, collagen there, collagen everywhere. I got to thinking about it and i want to just put a little bit of perspective on it. At least this is what I think. The question is, “is collagen all it’s cracked up to be?” Now, collagen is […]

Get Rid Of Dandruff For Good With These 13 Natural Remedies

Have you ever avoided wearing dark clothes because you’re worried about dandruff flakes showing up on your shoulders? Hi Folks! Whether you notice white flakes in your hair or on your shoulders, a dandruff issue can be both embarrassing and annoying. In the USA alone, Dandruff affects about half of the adult population and usually […]

Flu or Cold ? Beat Cold and Flu in just 24 Hours.

It’s cold and flu season, and once the early symptoms hit, you can’t help but feel helpless, hoping that the disease will pass as quickly and painlessly as possible, and run to the pharmacy to get medicine and a month’s worth of Kleenex. Even a cold that lasts just a few days can leave us […]

PetSolutions: Oven Fresh Bites Natural Baked Parrot Food

Oven Fresh Bites Natural Baked Parrot food, is an all-natural premium diet that is complete and balanced providing essential amino acids vitamins and minerals. Its slow baked with natural human grade ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and it’s made in the USA. It comes in three sizes, a small for budgies, […]

BASICS – NATURAL WHEY™ – 100% Natural Whey Protein

(upbeat music) – Let’s talk about Driven Nutrition’s Natural Whey. We developed Natural Whey because a lot of our gyms and their members were asking for a natural alternative to Driven Whey. How can we take our Driven Whey protein, which tastes amazing, mixes amazing, but make a natural alternative for it? After trying several […]

8 Unexpected Things Aging You Faster (And How to Slow Aging Naturally)

Dr. Axe:Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’re going to be talking about anti-aging and eight unexpected things that you may be exposing yourself to that are causing you to age faster. So Jordan, a lot of people today, I know you’ve seen this before, somebody […]

Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’re going to be training on the top 15 anti-inflammatory foods and herbs you’re going to be want to be getting in your diet as much as possible. Well, you know, inflammation is a major cause of disease today. In fact, heart disease […]