How Much PROTEIN to BUILD MUSCLE | How much protein do I need to build muscle

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B Vitamins Mnemonic: Metabolic deficiencies- Water and Fat Soluable Cofactors Tutorial

Learning B Vitamins doesn’t involve understanding any concepts– just regurgitating keywords. Here’s a mnemonic: It’s like finding a one-night stand at a bar. First: you drink a beer, then see who you’d like to f#ck. You don’t NEED anything, B4 your PANTS cause a BURNing groin, and COpayments for a BLOODy child birth. Or: my […]

What You Need to Know About Vitamin B-12

– [Dr. Group] Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Group with Global Healing Center, and today I’m going to talk about on of my favorite nutrients which is B12. So the presentation is basically going to be, “Why every single person, well the majority of people I feel need to be on a B12 supplement?” And everything […]

Best Superfoods & Vitamins at a Health Food Store to Thrive on a Raw Vegan Diet

This is John Kohler with I have another exciting episode for you today. We’re on a field trip and we are here at Las Vegas, Nevada at Pure Health. And this is a health food store. Now one of the interesting things about Pure Health is that it’s actually owned by people who eat […]

Vitamins: do you need supplements?

Millions of people in North America are regular vitamin users. The question is, what do you actually need? Daphna Steinberg is a registered dietitian at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and says the data is complicated. This isn’t something you really want to do on your own unless you have a lot of knowledge. If you’re […]

IV Vitamin Therapy or Intravenous Therapy

Every biochemical physiological process in our bodies requires vitamins. Depending on what you need, an immune boost or an energy boost, or to help you get over an illness, or to give you simply more vitality and more longevity, IV treatment with high potency vitamins, customized for whatever it is you need, can make a […]

I Thought We Required Animal Protein…

I’m Mic, and today I want to talk a little bit about what kept me eating animal products for longer than I would have liked to, and that was my belief that we required animal protein to survive or be healthy or get buff or something. So we’re going to take a journey through cultural […]