Carbohydrates and Lipids: Key Biomolecules I

Hi, everybody. This screencast is going to discuss biomolecules. We’re going to do an overview as well as talk about carbohydrates and lipids. So, in one of our last screencasts we talked about different kinds of atoms that are very commonly combined together in biology; those are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. And […]

What is Biochemistry? What do Biochemists study? | Biology |

What is Biochemistry? The Chemistry of Life. You know about atoms and molecules from Chemistry. But there’s nothing ALIVE about chemistry. It’s just chemicals in a beaker. So what’s so special about the molecules of life? It’s a case of emergent properties. That is, as biological molecules come together and interact, new and surprising properties […]

Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids

In his book, “What Mad Pursuit,” Francis Crick does an excellent job capturing the essence of what has been our focus in CHEM 332. The idea that without understanding molecules, we cannot understand life itself. We want to carry this theme forward in our final section on nucleic acids. Where we want to understand the […]

Macromolecules | Classes and Functions

Thanks for stopping by. Today we’re gonna talk about macromolecules Macromolecules are large structures that make up all living organisms All macromolecules have small subunits called Monomers which bind together to form larger units called polymers. There’s four classes of macromolecules carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and amino acids and I’ll talk about each of these in […]

Nucleic Acids: DNA and RNA

Hey it’s professor Dave, let’s discuss nucleic acids. We learned about proteins and carbohydrates as two of the main polymers in the body, but there is one more type we need to learn about, and that’s nucleic acids. We’ve probably heard of these since they include DNA and RNA, and we probably know a little […]

Animation of Protein Synthesis (Translation) in Prokaryotes.

Initiation of translation in prokaryotes: The small ribosomal subunit is separated from the large subunit with the help of two initiation factors: IF1 and IF3. This complex then binds a to purine-rich region — the Shine-Dalgarno sequence — upstream of the AUG start codon on the mRNA. The Shine-Dalgarno sequence is base-paired to a complementary […]

The Molecules of Life

Hi. It’s Mr. Andersen and in this podcast I’m going to talk about the Molecules of Life. The first time I learned this I was pretty amazed. But basically the way the world works is that we eat food. And then the building blocks of that food we weave together to make living things. And […]

Nucleic Acids

Hi. It’s Mr. Andersen and in this podcast I’m going to talk about nucleic acids. When I talk to students about nucleic acids, they’re confused. They don’t know what they do and they don’t usually know what they’re made up of. They do know that they’re DNA and RNA but let’s start with what they […]

“Molecules Gone Wild (Bio Style)” – Macromolecules Song (Music Video ver. Dance) – Gangnam Parody

Molecules Gone Wild! Bio Style! Carbohydrates provide the energy for your life! The simplest form, like glucose, is known as a monosaccharide Combine two, and make a larger sugar called disaccharide The largest is a polysaccharide! Lipids are the fats! 3 fatty acids with a glycerol make up the fats: Triglycerides with only single bonds […]

CING Screencast part 1

Hi, my name is Jurgen Doreleijers. Today I would like to show you how to use CING results. CING is a software paackage that validates biomolecular structures solved by NMR spectroscopy. This is the NRG-CING web site ( The experimental NMR restraint data are taken from the=N=MR=R=estraints=G=rid. Hence the name NRG-CING. NRG contains the coordinates […]