High Protein Breakfast for Fat loss and Muscle gain

Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. It’s around 9’o clock in the morning. I was about to leave for office in some time so I though why shouldn’t I quickly share with you what I eat in my breakfast. Generally, we can not spare too much time in the morning for breakfast. I will share […]


How to reduce Carbohydrate in our Dishes- Oat Meal Slim Milk 1/2 Cup, Oats 2 Tbsp=3 gms of Carbohydrates Oats 1 and 1/2 Tbsp=8 -10 gms of Carb. This recipe is reduced Carbohydrates than usual recipe Cashews, Almonds, Raisins and Water melon seeds 1/4 cup=15 to 20 Gms Carbs Salt and don’t add Sugar Take […]

9 Foods With More High Protein Than An Egg – Nutshell Videos

Nine foods with more protein than an egg Eggs are the poster child for protein- You need only watch sylvester stallone chugging raw eggs as Rocky Balboa for proof And the reputation is well earned a single hard-boiled egg packs six grams of protein dried spirulina – protein eight grams per two tablespoon serving Fish […]

Stop Eating Oatmeal For Breakfast! Oats Are NOT Healthy

So if you’re concerned about consuming excess estrogens and other endocrine disrupters rancid carcinogenic toxins and Powerful mineral key leaders that actually strip vitamins and minerals out of your body Then you definitely want to continue watching this video you probably want to take oats out of your diet oats contain large amounts of excess […]

Oats & Quinoa Pancakes | Healthy Breakfast & Tiffin Recipe |

Today we are going to make Oats and Quinoa Pancakes These are healthy and yummy too Oats and Quinoa are good for diabetes patients and heart patients So considering them, using less spices in this recipe Oats – 1/2 cup Quinoa – 1/4 cup Grind & take out in a bowl Semolina – 1/2 cup […]