This Icelandic Volcano Recreates Early Conditions on Earth

BEST COFFEE SUBSTITUTE? | Coffee Alternative Review

how is horror horrors I had to get off coffee cold turkey I’m on a homeopathic remedy and coffee anecdotes it and I said to my wife commit the bra clears up like that had to be one of my all-time favorite comfort foods coffee so I had to get off a cold turkey I […]

Ocean Magic – A Green Planet Product

This spray is suitable for foliar application at a ratio of 5ml per liter of water. Spray plants thoroughly once per week. Also use as part of the ultimate feed program during seedling and cutting stage at a ratio of 1ml per liter for a root application.

10 Surprising Benefits of Manuka Honey

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite pantry item, Manuka honey. Manuka honey has been used as medicine for hundreds of years. Also, it’s been used as food. So we’ll talk about the many benefits here. And actually, I think this is […]

cleavage of ethers with acid

Good day from Chem Help ASAP. Ethers are extremely stable functional groups, but they certainly are not inert. Let’s see how these functional groups can be forced to react. [turn page] We have two reactions on the screen that result in the breaking of a C-O bond and thereby destroy the ether functional group. Both […]

ethers & other organic solvents

Welcome to Chem Help ASAP. Because ethers are fairly unreactive, they are often used as reaction solvents. [turn page] In teaching organic chemistry, I tend to focus more on reagents and transformations. The solvent is a detail that I often skip because we can only handle so much information for each reaction. Solvents, however, are […]

Organic Molecules: The versatility of carbon–The tremendous variety of organic compounds on earth.

hello and welcome to a primer on organic chemistry There is something very interesting about all the different molecules that exist on earth which is that the vast majority of them contain carbon something extremely important to remember is that we call compounds that contain carbon organic compounds all of which will answer our overarching […]

epoxide opening under acidic or basic conditions

Hello from Chem Help ASAP. Let’s focus on some epoxide chemistry. [turn page] One of the common ways to make epoxides is with a peroxy acid, peroxyacetic acid is very common. Peroxy acids are written as RCO3H. This reagent directly converts the alkene into an epoxide. I won’t cover the mechanism, but it is both […]

Headache Remedies: Top 11 Tips for Headache Relief

Dr. Axe:Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here along with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. We’re so excited for you to be here with us. And, hey, if you’re new to the show, we want to welcome you and let you know we come five days a week. We’re talking about how to naturally […]

Naming Ethers using IUPAC Nomenclature and Common Names in Organic Chemistry

Leah here from and in this video, I will show you how to name ethers. An ether is a molecule typically written out as R bound to O bound to R prime where R simply represents the rest of the molecule or some carbon chain and R prime can either be the same R […]