Your genetics is NOT your fate | 3 simple tricks

We all know genetics is important and we have this idea that we can’t change it But the truth is we can okay, not our actual genetic code inside ourselves, not yet Anyway, they’re probably making an app for that. You can like change your genes We can’t change our actual genetic code, but we […]

Bernhard Mohr von Venture Capital im Interview | Evonik

WHAT IS VENTURE CAPITAL? Venture capital is the financing of young innovative companies through risk capital. These are usually young companies that are not yet listed on the stock exchange and still need money to develop and grow their business model. WHY DOES EVONIK INVEST INTO START-UPS? Innovation is essential for Evonik. We spend a […]

Our Fight Against Death | Origins: The Journey of Humankind

humanity struggle against death has been our most enduring fight history has given us one weapon in this existential battle we fight back with medicine tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors scavenge to the natural world for remedies imagine the incredible leaps of faith we had to take in an effort to ease […]

Pro-Maker: Intro To CNC with Mach4 – Colletsium

Hey it’s Sami with Avid CNC and today we’ll be focusing on a great way to get started if you’re new to CNC by making a Colosseum! This is a great introductory CNC project as Cory on our Support Team likes to say, “Running a CNC is like playing an instrument, we don’t start with […]

What is a Genetic Code?

What are we made of, what defines what we are made of? There is a set of instructions called our genetic code that spells out exactly who we are, not necessarily our personality or our spirit. I am talking about in the physical sense, how tall we will be, what color of eyes, our predisposition […]

More to our Junk DNA than meets the eye | Jay W. SHIN | TEDxKobe

Translator: Hideki Yakushiji Reviewer: Claire Ghyselen Good morning. I am a cell biologist from RIKEN Yokohama. Today I am going to tell you about junk. Gomi! Yes. Junk can be considered as something useless or serving no purpose. Let me give you an example. A food that is considered having very little nutrition value, we […]

Genetic Algorithms – Learn Python for Data Science #6

Hello World, it’s Siraj! In this video, we’re going to use genetic programming to identify if some energy is gamma radiation or not. I’m getting angry. Gamma rays! Augh! Nah, I wish. Data science is a way of thinking about discovery. A data scientist needs to decide the right question to ask, like “Who’s the […]

H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester – The World’s First Ketone Ester Drink

In a lot of ways, we can think of our bodies as computer systems. We have a certain set of inputs into our system and we care about certain types of performance outputs, things like reaction time, being smarter, being faster. So, why not make every possible effort to optimize our inputs? This is the […]


(upbeat music) – Let’s go over Titan’s product BCAA+, our branched-chain amino acid product. These branched-chain amino acids consist of leucine, isoleucine and valine. Now leucine in particular is known to help increase rapamycin, or mTOR, known as protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is a signal sent to tell the body to use proteins to build […]

1212 exp # 11 video # 5 Balancing an acidic solution

Balancing oxidation-reduction reactions of acidic solutions. First we have to set overall reaction into separate half reactions. Our first half-reaction will be H2S yields S. And our second half reaction will be NO3 minus yields NO. Next we have to balance for all the elements except for oxygen and hydrogen. In our first half reactions, […]