When it comes to muscle, we generally understand the vital role protein consumption plays. After all, the driving force for muscle growth is aptly named muscle PROTEIN synthesis. We typically stress the importance of protein in times of bulking, where one intentionally puts on weight in hopes that, much of the added weight results in […]

Protein Shakes BAD? (New Study Breakdown)

Recently, there was an article on the matter of protein shake supplements. And the headline… wasn’t pretty: STOP DRINKING PROTEIN SHAKES! As the article would say, as it can lead to… weight gain, depression, and even a shorter life span. Unsurprisingly, this made a quite the rumble within the fitness community. But does this article […]

Are Pre-Workout Supplements Worth It?

When you decide to use a pre-workout supplement, you can say that you’re getting pretty serious with your gym goals. And with such a huge market and countless consumers touting its benefits, pre-workouts must be effective enough to warrant the attention of even the most casual gym-goer. And… for the most part, it does. In […]

Do You Need More Protein Than You Think You Do?

In fitness nutrition, one thing you hear the most about is protein protein protein… If you want to build muscle, get enough protein. Losing weight? Well, eat your protein! Stay the same weight? Protein. Just wanna chill on the couch all day and do nothing? Well, then you’re gonna need PROTEIN! We’re tirelessly told that […]

Can This Supplement (ZMA) Actually BOOST Testosterone?

New supplements popup all the time, all of which promising to help you reach the mythical fountain of gains. Sure enough, ZMA supplements are of similar variety, making claims that it can boost testosterone, help with recovery, and promote muscle protein synthesis. All the ZMA rage started back in 1998, when a study observed Division […]

HMB Supplements… Simply Not Worth It

Not too long ago, I made a video covering supplements I believe was not worth the money, especially in the case of building muscle. Much to the chagrin of avid supporters, I included HMB as part of that list. Of course, not everyone agreed with my reasoning and offered their anecdotes showing its effectiveness. Fortunately, […]

Another Supplement For Building Muscle? Collagen Supplements Explained

If you ever were to search for supplements to improve skin, joint or bone health, you’ve probably stumbled upon collagen. And rightfully so. We’ve seen evidence of improved pain scores and pain-free range of motion, factors critical to athletes, as well as improved bone mineral density in osteoarthritic individuals. And yes, even improving skin health! […]

What Are BCAAs – BCAAs Explained in 60 seconds – Should You Supplement With BCAAs

Hello I’m Dr Joe of Now what have I got in my hands here? BCAAs BCAAs. So, what are BCAAs What is essential about BCAAs? That is the subject of this short video and is coming up after the channel intro. So, stay tuned your journey to better health starts here on this channel […]

BCAAs – For Fasting or Cutting?

As a quick sidetrack, I want to talk about BCAAs a bit more after naming it in my previous video as one of the three supplements not worth your money. Proponents of BCAAs have claimed that it’s still important in two situations: 1, when you’re in a calorie deficit, and 2, when you’re fasting. And […]

What is Creatine? Should You Be Taking This Supplement?

If you ever searched for fitness supplements, there’s a good chance that you’ve stumbled upon the supplement Creatine. From gyms, to magazines, to websites, and maybe even from your fitness buddies. The science of creatine deals with energy production, specifically in replenishing used energy. As humans, we use the molecule ATP as our energy source. […]