IODINE: Should VEGANS be worried? (Why you may want to supplement)

In a situation analogous to zinc which I discussed in my last video, those eating healthy diets centred on whole plant foods can potentially run into issues with iodine. I’ve covered some other nutrients of concern for vegans in this series already and there are a few more to come, so make sure you check […]

Photosynthesis: Crash Course Biology #8

Photosynthesis! It is not some kind of abstract scientific thing. You would be dead without plants and their magical- nay, SCIENTIFIC ability to convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into glucose and pure, delicious oxygen. This happens exclusively through photosynthesis, a process that was developed 450 million years ago and actually rather sucks. It’s complicated, […]

How did the evolution of complex life on Earth begin? – The Gene Code, Episode 1 – BBC Four

Have a look at this. It’s a bit of a human body These are cells from the inside of a human cheek magnified thousands of times they’re similar to the kinds of cells all complex plants and animals are built from Now here’s another one of these human cells on its own See those tiny […]

Move Over, Mars: We Could Farm on Asteroids!

SciShow is supported by Blue Apron. Right now, Blue Apron is offering $50 off two boxes of meals to the first 50 SciShow Space viewers to sign up. Get fresh ingredients and chef-designed recipes delivered right to your door. Just click on the link in the description to get $50 off your first two Blue […]

6 “Vegetarian” Animals that Will Give You Nightmares

[♪ INTRO ] If I asked you to picture a forest, you might envision a sunny grove with some deer gently nibbling on leaves as they mosey on through. But those deer could actually be searching for a baby bird or two to munch on. Yes, deer can be carnivorous. In fact, many supposed plant-eaters […]

Yellow is the New Black: Discovery #6

Hey Universe, earthlings love plants, lets find why. We have a lot to cover today so lets jump right in and get started. Sweet clover is a nitrogen fixer, with a strangly sweet odor. It has a bitter taste to discourage predation, Prefers Alkaline soils, and makes a green manure or silage. This plant can […]

#29 Biochemistry Citric Acid Cycle II Lecture for Kevin Ahern’s BB 451/551

Kevin Ahern: This is really bad. I was not fishing for that. The second is some of you have noted that there are some discrepancies between what I talk about with E1, E2, and E3, and what the book says. The book is actually more precise than I am, and I’m trying to simplify this […]

The Majestic Health Benefits of Broccoli & a Fun Fact

This is the health benefits of broccoli. Broccoli reduces stress levels, with all the vitamin c inside, it will help to reduce the cortisol levels in the brain which is responsible for stress & other negative ailments. Broccoli is a natural anti-inflammatory. And helps fight against cancer and heart disease. Broccoli has all your essential […]

Make Your Vegetable Garden Immune to Aphids and White Flies with Insect Frass

This is John Kohler with, I have another exciting episode for you today, and today we’re at the National Heirloom Expo, as you can see the sign’s up there, September 11, 12 and 13th. And for those of you guys and girls that haven’t made it out to the Expo, what we’re going to […]