Polar bears playing in pool in RanuaZoo

Victor the Polar Bear’s Health Check-up

Morning everyone! We’ve had a busy day here at Project Polar. Victor, our biggest and heaviest Polar Bear at Project Polar is a middle aged chap and is due a little bit of an MOT. So we have the vet team here this morning and we’ve even managed to get a little bit of help […]

The Saddest Polar Bear in China

On this episode of China Uncensored, a polarizing issue. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored I’m your host Chris Chappell. Now you just know a giant shopping mall in a communist-ish country has got to be something special. And the Grandview Mall in Guangzhou is no exception. It has everything! A movie theater, indoor ice skating, […]

Sat1 regional: Polar bear defence training at AWI

Attention, the polar bear is coming! Training for the absolute emergency. Martin Völker is not very comfortable in his skin. Ear protectors and bulletproof vest are normally not included in his equipment. The 31-year-old geographer travels for the first time to the eternal ice and therefore he has to learn how to shoot. “I am […]

How does a polar bear stay warm? | Natural History Museum

Polar bears are the largest bear species alive today Their white coat gives them perfect camouflage But what else is it hiding? The polar bear fur appears white, which is a fantastic visual trick as it helps them to be camouflaged. However, there is more to this fur than meets the eye. Although their coat […]

Paula the polar bear in Helsinki, Finland

Paula the Polar Bear is in Helsinki, Finland She wants to save her home from oil drilling Half a million people worldwide have asked Obama to end the drillings This arctic state has more people who can help Paula She is looking to confront Shell’s Chairman Mr Jorma Ollila But he or other decision-makers are […]

Paul the Polar Bear Profile | T.O.T.S. | Disney Junior

You’ll be snowed over at the cutenessof the newest T.O.T.S. arrival.Oh, I’m so excited!Meet Paul the polar bear.Watch this. – See? So adorable. – ( giggling )When polar bear cubs are born,they’re only about the size of a stick of butter.– Ready, boy? – Aww. – Snow cute. – I’m so happy.Even though their fur […]


Polar Bear, the Strongest Mammal in the Frozen Land

Polar bears the strongest mammal in the frozen land The white coat of a polar bear makes them look cute. However, the aggression of them towards humans is only recent Although there was not much information about the cause Experts are sure that the main cause of this aggression is climate change This is causing […]