DIY Polymer Clay Crochet Hook & Pen Tutorial (Cover Covered Clay Hooks Pens Grip Grips)

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’m going to show you how to cover your crochet hooks or pens with polymer clay. You can find the written instructions on my website at For making a handle on hooks, you’ll need preferably an aluminum crochet hook since they are usually oven-safe. And with pens, […]

Making BIG CHUNGUS in Polymer Clay!

(upbeat electronic dance music) – Hi guys, today we gonna create Big Chungus. So let’s get started guys. As you see I’m gonna be making Big Chungus from my waste clay that I store for like a year or something. I remember that last time when I was using waste clay it was on the […]


(upbeat techno music) – Hello everyone, I am LoreChirik and today we gonna make. – [Granny] You better make me, grandson! – But I already made you! – [Granny] So make me in a Pennywise costume! – Ah, what? – [Granny] What? I love that movie. – Ah, okay okay. I can do this. – […]

DIY Texture Stamps for Polymer Clay

Hi guys, it’s Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor. In today’s Studio Tip, I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY Texture Stamps for polymer clay. Now, in the past, I have shown you lots of different types of tools and things that you can use for stamping into polymer clay. I’ve […]

Polymer Clay Betta Fish

so I posted these polymer clay fish that I made they’re Betta fish -on a facebook page and I got a lot of attention on it a lot of people asked me how i make them so today I’ve decided to show you how I how I do them you might also know them as […]

Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2020 ¡Acceso gratuito! Del 3 al 9 de marzo | ELEOJOTA00

Do you want to learn from 19 polymer clay artists from around the world? Now you can do it from home… FOR FREE! These are the 19 artists that participate in this event, starting March 3rd and me In my masterclass you will learn how to make this necklace, how to choose the perfect color […]

All My CREATIONS & GIVEAWAY | 300K Subs Special (Polymer Clay Channel)

300,000. 300,000 subscribers! Thank you so much guys! I have prepared three surprises for you. We will open this box together, which came directly from YouTube. Then I have 30 items as giveaways and I will talk and announce an upcoming partnership with Snupps, to support and to present your art in my channel. And […]

How to prevent fingerprints and scratches on your polymer clay pieces

Hello and welcome to my channel in today’s video I’m showing you how you can prevent finger prints and small scratches on your polymer clay pieces. I hope you will find this video useful. It can be quite frustrating: you just finished baking your pieces and you discover it has lots of fingerprints and small […]

How to make SPRINGTRAP ➤ FNaF 3 ★ Tutorial Polymer clay ✔ Porcelana fria

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