Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe?

Vitamin A and Pregnancy: Should You Worry? | Chris Masterjohn Lite #127

Vitamin A and pregnancy. Should you be concerned? Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of chrismasterjohnphd.com. And this is Chris Masterjohn Lite, where the name of the game is “Details? Shmeetails. Just tell me what works!” And today we’re going to talk about vitamin A and pregnancy. In the last few episodes, I’ve been talking about […]

Treating Bacterial Vaginosis with Vaginal Vitamin C

Tips on Taking Prenatal Vitamins! Week 24 Baby #4

Welcome to week 24. Can’t believe it, week 24, we’ve got 16 weeks left, I’m so happy I just, I love the countdown. At this point it’s kind of a fun countdown once I get a little bit closer I’m sure it will be like a frustrating countdown. I get really, really impatient. I’m just […]

Is Ketosis Dangerous? (Science of Fasting & Low Carb Keto)

Recently, low carb diets, intermittent fasting and even prolonged fasting have become very popular and they all have something in common. They move you towards entering the state of ketosis. Ketosis is a state where your body is running primarily on fat, fat from your diet or your body. Ketogenesis is when Fats are broken […]

How to stop protein loss in kidney disease – Proteinuria – Tips – Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda

Welcome To Our Channel Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda Welcome To Our Channel Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda Please Subscribe Our Channel and Press The Bell Icon To get all the latest updates. Greeting. Welcome to our channel. Greeting. Welcome to our channel. You can get all kinds of information regarding kidney on our channel easily. You […]

Vitamin D for PCOS, Infertility, Skin Discoloration n Chronic Pains (with English subtitles)

Assalam o alaikum. How are you all? Today, we gonna talk about a research I recently went through about Vitamin D and issues related to it. in that research, Some issues were related to PCOS as well. So, I decided to share those issues with you all too 🙂 As you PCOSers know, because of […]

Guavas Benefits During Pregnancy | Guava Nutrition Facts And How To Eat Guava Fruit Seed

Welcome to Natural Healing Guides YouTube Channel, in this video, we are going to explore benefits of guava fruit for pregnant women and other important things those who are not pregnant should know. What To Expect in this video. 1. Nine Benefits of guava for pregnant women. 2. How to eat the guava fruit. 3. […]

Protein powder during pregnancy: is it safe? | Nourish with Melanie #98

Is protein powder during pregnancy beneficial? Is it safe? I’ve looked at the research and in today’s episode of Nourish, I’m going to answer these questions and plenty more. Stay tuned! Hi I’m Melanie McGrice a fertility and prenatal dietitian. Shakes and protein powders are tremendously popular these days. They’re nutritious, filling and convenient, so […]

Fertility and Pregnancy: Extra helpings – Ep 5. Part of the ‘Food as Medicine’ online course series

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone. We’re here to discuss some common questions that we get around the area of the microbiome, probiotics and also gestational diabetes risk. So Nic, can you tell us a little bit more about about that? NICOLE KELLOW: Yes, thanks for having me Mel. One of the topic — the hot topics […]