Andrew Discusses Berberine | Natural Supplements – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

hi there Andrew Lessman here with the third of our four monthly specials for March as I’ve said before we have cranberry we have cinnamon we have alpha lipoic acid we also have a product called berberine something that most of us hadn’t encountered until encountered relatively relatively recently and and now it’s something that […]

What Does Additive-Free Supplements Really Mean? – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

[Music] one of the most common questions I’m asked is why are our products so unique in terms of purity what is it that defines additive-free well it’s something that I learned when I first decided to make products because I was literally running the machines operating the machines myself making products back in 1979 […]

Andrew Discusses Aloe Vera – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

hi there Andrew Lessman here with a brief video on our to a low viewer products this is in honor of our monthly special this November that covers all our digestion products but this this video might hang around afterwards throughout the year during visits it’s at special pricing it’s not a product that’s going […]

Why Buy and Support Organic? – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

[Music] I’m often asked about the term organic and organic in terms of purchasing food in the life but when I think about organic it’s not the fact that when I’m eating a plant when I’m eating some strawberries that are grown organic or whatever it might be some soy that was grown organically I’m […]

Ultimate Women’s Wellness Menopause Supplement – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

it’s May so that’s when we celebrate Mother’s Day and I thought it appropriate since we’re celebrating Mother’s Day that we talk about ultimate Women’s Wellness and make that one of our monthly specials for the month of May ultimate Women’s Wellness is one of our most popular products and has been for over 20 […]

Why Our Vitamins & Supplements Are Manufactured In The Desert – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

I’m often asked why we’re in Henderson Nevada which is just outside Las Vegas a wonderful community and the very simple reason is because I wanted to continue to develop and make the world’s only 100% pure additive free products what’s a defining characteristic of the desert it’s dry when you handle vitamin powders in […]

Andrew Lessman Discusses Cranberry Benefits – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

hi there Andrew Lessman here with the video for our monthly special in March this four of them but this one is for cranberry in particular for those of you interested in our cranberry product as I often say about this product we just endeavored to keep it simple to get out of the way […]

Andrew Discusses the Benefits of Turmeric 400 – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

hi there Andrew Lessman here speaking about another one of our monthly specials for the month of January this product really goes well with our glucosamine and chondroitin which in our second weekend in January glucosamine and chondroitin is one of our today’s specials one of our most popular products obviously it’s most of us […]

Supporting Healthy Circulation | The Science Behind the Supplement – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

a frequent question I’m asked pertains to healthy circulation where we tend to notice the greatest challenges to our circulation is in our lower extremities our legs our feet our ankles or calves we are as many people say the human body is a work in progress and as we go through life it progresses […]

Andrew Discusses Friendly Flora – Digestive – Andrew Lessman ProCaps November 2017 Monthly Special

hi there Andrew Lessman here with another quick video on one of our digestive products I’m sure this video will stick around for a while but we originally recorded it for this November’s monthly special which were couple monthly specials because we’re covering all our digestive products in terms of monthly specials this November basically […]