Entire genetic code printed in books | An introduction to genetics

Hello humans. My name is Nick Dent and this… is your Genome Project. Now when this was completed it made a lot of people very excited. The UK science minister Lord Sainsbury said, ‘We now have the possibility to achieve all we ever hoped for from medicine’. President Bill Clinton said, ‘We are learning the […]

Peptide Debate Series: Peptide loadability

Hello again, and welcome to “Peptides,” a series of debates from our leading candidates in reversed-phase peptide separations. I’m your moderator, Paul E. Peptide and it’s my great pleasure to bring you get another fascinating discussion. Today we examine peptide loadability in peptide mapping applications. One often looks for minor levels of peptide species modifications, […]

Peptide Debate Series: Who’s the best for you?

Hello and welcome to “Peptides,” a series of debates from our leading candidates in reversed-phase peptide separations. I’m your moderator, Paul E. Peptide, and it’s my fortunate pleasure to bring you another discussion, this time on “Peptide Mixture Retentivity and Selectivity.” I frequently hear that a peptide column needs to adapt to a wide range […]

The Best Supplements for Cutting in 2020 (and why)

what’s up you guys in this video we’re gonna be talking about the best supplements for cutting. There’s gonna be timestamps in the description below as well as links to all the products that I mentioned in this video so there are four categories of supplements that are best for cutting in my opinion also […]

What Happens When You Stop Eating?

Medically speaking, starvation occurs when a body doesn’t get enough calories and nutrients; Whether brought on by poverty, famine, being lost at sea, voluntary hunger strikes or medical conditions, the physiology of starvation follows the same process no matter the cause. And it really is a process: it takes time to starve to death. Without […]


[KIVERDI] AIR PROTEIN! Pioneering a new category: Air-Based Protein! What if we could create food from thin air that we breathe! “Beyond the Plant-based, air-based vegan meat is here!” It sounds like that old joke we have often gone on about becoming a “Breatharian,” far beyond the vegetarian. But it’s not a joke. “AIR PROTEIN,” […]

Muscle Gain and Weight Loss with Protein Shakes. For healthy life

for healthy life ! people drink protein shakes for multiple reasons including muscle gain weight loss and injury recovery while many foods provide you with a lot of protein such as eggs meat poultry milk and legumes protein shakes and powders have become a popular high quality source of this nutrient if you wonder whether […]

3 Supplements You Didn’t Know That I’ve Been Taking

– Hey, what’s up? This is another supplement video and today I want to share three supplements I’ve been taking. Now, this is not beginner, alright? This is suitable for strong beginners to intermediate. If you are a person that just started training and you are confused which supplement to get started, I strongly recommend […]