#07 Biochemistry Protein Characterization Lecture for Kevin Ahern’s BB 450/550

Another Monday beckons, another week beckons. One day closer to an exam. Student: Whoo! Kevin Ahern: Yay, huh? One day closer to your opportunity to show me how much you know. That’s good. I hope you had a good weekend. Student: Fantastic. Kevin Ahern: Fantastic? Student: We won. Kevin Ahern: Are we talking about football […]

20.01 Enzyme-catalyzed Reactions

Over the next several webcasts we’ll be looking at the mechanisms by which enzymes perform their chemistry. And one of the main reasons this is of interest to us is because it’ll help us understand the molecular mode of action of drug molecules. The principle behind drug design is one of achieving selective toxicity, the […]

20.03 Rate Enhancement by Proximity & Orientation

In this webcast what we want to do is take a look at the ways that enzymes bring about stability of the transition state relative to the substrate. There’s basically two most important factors, one is known as proximity, also sometimes called effective molarity, and the second factor is known as orientation effects. Let’s take […]

Introduction to Biochemistry

Hey, it’s professor Dave, let’s talk about biochemistry. What is biochemistry? Is it biology? Is it chemistry? Well as you might guess, it’s sort of in-between, quite literally in terms of size. In the great panoply of the sciences, biochemistry sits right here. If we go smaller we get into small molecules made of just […]

Running for beginners – Top Nutrition and hydration tips by experts

Hi folks, I am Shrinivas from Runner’s High and today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about nutrition and hydration for a runner. Now, when it comes to nutrition in general, the purpose of concentrating on your nutrition is to stay athletic, to stay fit because a very important aspect about running […]


Hi. It’s Mr. Andersen and in this podcast I’m going to talk about polymers. Polymers are large molecules that are made up of smaller molecule called monomers. And so even the word polymers can serve as a good example of a polymer. In other words I could rearrange the letters in polymers to make Mrs. […]

Vitamin A: Introduction – Biochemistry | Lecturio

In this lecture, I’m going to describe vitamins D and A, two of the fat-soluble vitamins and some of the very different functions that each one has. Now, vitamins D and A, as I said, are fat-soluble vitamins. They are important in the case of vitamin A for vision. In the case of vitamin D, […]

Diet Tips from a Psychiatrist: Reconsider Supplements and Eat Real Food | Drew Ramsey

A lot of people like to talk about multivitamins and how they’re an insurance policy. And it’s always confused me as a doctor. Do you really think there’s an insurance policy for not eating well or not exercising or moving your body or not living in a compassionate and peaceful way? There’s no insurance policy […]

5 challenges we could solve by designing new proteins | David Baker

I’m going to tell you about the most amazing machines in the world and what we can now do with them. Proteins, some of which you see inside a cell here, carry out essentially all the important functions in our bodies. Proteins digest your food, contract your muscles, fire your neurons and power your immune […]