Ice Ice Baby -Polar Ice – Rapping Scientist (Inspector Planet Official Video)

Hey can I get a beep? Pollution sucks. Hey, beep. Beep! Ayyyy! I have that bumble date in like five minutes. Is that him? Yo IPP Is it? Let’s kick it. Ice ice baby Hi I’m Devin. Smells like patchouli in here. Alright, stop your bumble date and listen. Tre is back on a brand […]

Amine – Noirci (Official Audio) Prod. by AmneziaBeats

AMINE, kyle and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie XXL 2017 cypher (Review)

I’m so so proud sofa prime I am the window what’s UP world what can infuse my English my name is KAlvin remember to click that subscribe button to get more carpet and also please remember to follow me on my social media you’ll find those things in the description for all like leary below […]

Aminé’s “BLACKJACK” Explained | Song Stories

TIA: Aminé let everyone know he’s on top of his game with his playful track, “BLACKJACK.” TIA: The song was produced by Davon Jamison, Pasque, and Aminé and is from his August 2018 project, ‘ONEPOINTFIVE.’ TIA: On “BLACKJACK,” Aminé takes a lighthearted approach to life, and starts off boasting about some new ice in his […]

The Making Of Aminé’s “REEL IT IN” Music Video | Framework

Amine: The whole point of this video is you see all this ass shaking, and you see all these ridiculous very corny, you know what a rap video is. The sexy scene, you’re looking at it and you’re like, “What is she doing?” It’s honestly the most fun song. If you just play it, there’s […]

Aminé “Spice Girl” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Leaving off from when we were on that mountain in the Himalayas with the Tibet monk. And I went to the Himalayas, right? Shit was crazy. I met this Tibetan monk and he was like, “Yo, look behind you bro.” And I looked behind me and I seen this dragon in the shape of a […]