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I don’t care if you’re 25 35 or 45 if we’re all judged the same on the stage so it really doesn’t matter on my mornings when I do cardio which is pretty much everyone even leg day wake up yeah go get on the stairs and I’ll be like 45 minutes on the stairs […]

WE WON 2019 Vitamin Shoppe’s Battle of the Brands!

I’m busy! He hasn’t come out of here all day. He’s been acting real weird. What are you doing? You’ve been in here all day. I’m just uhm… I’m just hitting refresh again You’re losing your tan. again, again You’re losing gains. You haven’t eaten. I’ve never had a tan. I’m just trying to see […]


Yes guys, how we doing and welcome back To another YouTube video So if you’re new to my channel My name is Nathan Collins

Which whey protein is better?

Aaron and CEO of Redcon1 and i’m here today to talk to you about protein not just Isotope, our whey protein, but whey protein in general. Seems like there’s a lot of confusion on the market between what is whey? I see lot of people say One hundred percent pure whey protein so is this […]