Urgent! Deal With Your Resistance Before You Do Anything Else – Teal Swan

Resistance is the big bad wolf in a land called: ‘trying to get what you want’. For this reason, it is something that you hear about constantly in healing circles, self-help circles, spiritual circles. But most people have no idea what resistance actually is. More than that, people have an even harder time figuring out […]

Do Honey Bees Prefer Honey B Healthy Feeding Stimulant Bee Nutrition Essential OIls Cane Sugar Syrup

okay so what we have set up here is another water test for the bees this time we’re doing things a little different and this is probably going to be my last water test of the year it’s October 27th and we’re getting late in the season and my bees are not doing a lot […]

Understanding Insulin Resistance and What You Can Do About It

Hey, Dr. Berg here. I’m going to talk about insulin resistance. I’m going to make it really, really simple, so just track with me. Here’s what happens. Your pancreas, which is located in the left, lower quadrant, right by your rib cage, makes a hormone called insulin and insulin responds to sugar. In other words […]

CarbLoaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (International Subtitles)

Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat This is Lathe I’ve know him and his wife for almost 20 years. In fact, about ten years ago we started our own company together. In 2009, Lathe was 36 years old and weighed 165lbs. He pretty much ate the standard American diet, exercised regularly, and was precisely the […]

Section 3: Herbicide Resistance Management

In this section of the course, we will be focusing on herbicide resistance. Herbicides are an important part of our weed management programs and so a lot of work is done in this area. Governmental agencies and universities invest a lot of time studying herbicide resistance. Chemical industries also invest quite a few resources to […]