Survive on a single food | CAN IT BE DONE?

In the 2015 sci-fi film The Martian, a marooned astronaut survives on the red planet eating nothing but potatoes. But since there are no real humans on Mars, could a person survive eating nothing but spuds on Earth? The short answer: Unless you’re stranded with nothing but taters, it’s not a good idea. To survive, […]

Polar Bear – POV Cams (Spring 2016)

Footage from the southern Beaufort Sea, April 2016 No polar bears were harmed during the filming process. Special thanks to: Anthony Pagano, U.S. Geological Survey Mehdi Bakhtiari, Exeye, LLC. University of California, Santa Cruz Polar Bears International, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, permit #MA690038 and

Scientists Say DNA’s Building Blocks May ACTUALLY Come From Outer Space

It was almost 11 o’clock in the morning on the 28th of September 1969 when above a small rural town in south-eastern Australia a fireball was seen flying through the sky. That fireball broke off into three parts and left behind a cloud of smoke. Half a minute after that a tremor could be heard. […]

Ahern’s BB 350 at OSU – 12. Membrane Lipids

>>Happy Monday. Happy day after the exam. How was the exam?>>[INAUDIBLE] >>Great, yeah, and maybe no. I heard, I think, all three. So the exams were just handed to me by the TA just before I got to class, so they are graded. I haven’t had a chance to record them or look at them, […]

Polar Bear Research at San Diego Zoo

The USGS conducts research on polar bears and has documented declines in their population. Survival rates and body size. To better understand how sea ice decline in the Arctic affects polar bears, USGS scientists are using accelerometers to gather data about the energy needed for the bears to hunt for food. The scientists use accelerometers […]

Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin: Chemistry in its Element podcast

The Chemistry in its Element podcast Curious tales of chemical compounds It’s January, a new year and a new start, maybe even a new you? Perhaps you’ve started going to the gym, you’ve picked up the musical instrument that you’ve lost the knack for or resolved to bake more often. And like that discount trial […]

Ice Ice Baby -Polar Ice – Rapping Scientist (Inspector Planet Official Video)

Hey can I get a beep? Pollution sucks. Hey, beep. Beep! Ayyyy! I have that bumble date in like five minutes. Is that him? Yo IPP Is it? Let’s kick it. Ice ice baby Hi I’m Devin. Smells like patchouli in here. Alright, stop your bumble date and listen. Tre is back on a brand […]

How does a polar bear stay warm? | Natural History Museum

Polar bears are the largest bear species alive today Their white coat gives them perfect camouflage But what else is it hiding? The polar bear fur appears white, which is a fantastic visual trick as it helps them to be camouflaged. However, there is more to this fur than meets the eye. Although their coat […]

Invisible/Invincible: The Bacteria Survival Guide (2017–18)

(intense music) – The most exciting thing for me is really to let people know and help them begin to think about the things in our world that we can’t see but are very important to every single aspect of our life. – Microbes are the ones that help, you know, shape our entire world. […]

Super Corals! Can acropora and other corals adapt fast enough to survive climate change?